A yummy way you can help me help a friend!

Hi everyone! Pull up a chair a look at my lunch today:


Doesn’t it look super yummy? Here, look closer — too bad we don’t have smell-o-screens yet, because this smells incredible:


It’s a recipe called Smokey Spicey Cheesy Yummy Hatch Chilie Pie that my super fun friend and chef extraordinaire Libby cooked up for the Whole Foods Austin virtual food fight. Whole Foods gave each contestant a pound of hatch chilies and a $25 gift card and said “go create”.

It’s got heirloom tomatoes, grilled corn cut off the cob, corn spaghetti, smoky cheese, and grilled Hatch chilies. It’s oooy and gooey and yummerful!


Did I mention that it has hatch chilies? Mmmmm, they are sooooo good. Never heard of them?  Well, Hatch chilies are grown in the town of Hatch, New Mexico. They are perfecto — not  too hot and not too spicy.  This time of year everyone in Austin goes crazy for them.  YUM.

Now, how can you help me help my friend win the food fight?  Just tweet this:

RT @stampinlibby Pls RT so I can win? Hatch Spaghetti Pie http://bit.ly/99dj7L @WholeFoodsATX #ATXFoodFight

Let me know if you did it!

Update on August 31: Libby won!!!  YAY!  Congratulations, Libby! And many thanks to everyone who tweeted!

And, Libby has a step-by-step recipe for you right here on her blog — pop on over and say hi! And tell her that sideoats sent ya.



And apologies to J, because I just ate the last piece that Libby gave us.  Sorry J!  Well, not really — it’s too good to resist!  :)

Oh and apologies to anyone who is hungry or hasn’t eaten lunch yet, too! :)

Many thanks to Libby for the yummy lunch, and have a delicious day!

9 Replies to “A yummy way you can help me help a friend!”

  1. Thanks so much Lisa! And very glad you enjoyed it.  :-)

  2. yummo!!! that looks sooo good. if i were on twitter, libby would get my vote!

  3. That looks SO good! I tweeted! :)

  4. OK, I *think* I tweeted it right–good luck to Libby! :)

  5. Omg looks yummy I tweeted it =P

  6. OK, that looks like just what I need.  I am going to go get the recipe in just a minute.  I don’t have any hatch chilis here in CIncinnati, but my jalapeno plants are going crazy, so I am going to try this out with some of them.  My family should love it!  And I don’t stop to tell you often enough, but I love reading your blog, and looking at your photos!!

  7. You are funny, honey!

  8. that looks SO fantastic!

  9. so glad she won! that’s awesome!

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