Miss Wren


Miss Wren and I are in complete agreement.


We don’t care what the calendar says.


We’re still in summertime-mode, and we’re going to stay that way for as long as we can.


(All photos taken at Borah Creek Prairie in Fennimore, WI.)

Miss Wren and I wish you a very happy Labor Day weekend full of corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, and swimming.  And hopefully time just to hang out in the flowers and be at peace.

22 thoughts on “Miss Wren”

    1. Hi Jo! We have a few different wrens in the states — the ones here at home in Texas look different than the ones up north where the photo was taken. They are all spunky and cute, tho! :)

  1. These photos are outstanding! !  Your photos are just as awesome as what you would find in the nature area on National Geographic’s website (or their magazine).  I am just simply amazed.

  2. Your photography is totally amazing.  Love these pictures and love that wren!!!
    Have a great weekend. I want more summer as well!!!!

  3. I’m in total agreement with the both of you! Summer finally arrived in So. Calif. so I’m going to enjoy it too!  Love your photos of the sweet little bird!
    Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. Oh my goodness, amazing shots, especially the last one!  I think that would be hanging on my wall if I took that.  Have a beautiful weekend!

  5. Oh Lisa! I want to be there with my camera too! I adore these photos and how clever to get so close to your little wren. I love our UK wrens – the second most tiny bird in our gardens but they have almost the loudest voices! I’m going to print out your prairie photo, pin it to my note board and just imagine myself there.

  6. Here, here!!  Same with me!  I am still loving the summer warmth and having a hard time making fall/winter cards, I still so much love to use summer colors on my projects!  Love the photos!

  7. ur pics r fabulous! R u visiting all the prairies n the US? World?
    Had to google “Borah Creek”. Have no idea where Fennimore
    is but sounds like a nice weekend (i live n Chicago)
    Thanks for sharing!  More, please! 

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