little birds

Have you ever been browsing at a bookstore and found a book that you just had to have? And then you were so inspired that you went straight home and made something right away? Well that’s what happened to me with the book Little Birds.


I want to make everything! But I started with this sweet birdhouse by Abigail Brown. I just love her style and am lucky enough to own a piece by her (a little fox — better not let him get to close to the birds, eh?) and I also have a framed series of her postcards hanging up in my sewing area.

Next I plan on making making Mildred the Dove by Samantha Cotterill — can’t wait!  Mildred is hilarious — wait until you see. And then I have to make the birdie on the cover by Margaret Oomen. (sidenote: she is also the one who makes beautiful crochet sea urchin rocks. I want to make those too!) And THEN…!

Oh and!  This book has a trailer!  Who knew that books have trailers?  I sure didn’t.  But now you can browse it with me.  Just don’t yell at me if you want to run right out and buy it and then start sewing, ha ha!

And!  Can’t wait to show you photos of my new little sewing area.  It’s really coming along!

14 thoughts on “little birds”

  1. I love this birdhouse.  It is so, so sweet.  I watched the trailer, it is very dangerous.  I want to make them all and hang them from the ceiling in my room.  I could have my own Aviary.  As I said, very dangerous.

  2. that birdhouse is so cute! ok, book trailer is a first for me, but it’s so fun to be able to brows through it! thanks for the link, Lisa! i may have to find this book! =)

  3. Yes, yes!!  Although usually for me it’s decorating books – and I want to rearrange a whole room :)  This is just way too cute – it came out great! 

  4. Sometimes there are books that you just have to have on your book shelf for the pure joy of it!   After watching the trailer, I thought this might be one.  i love the cardinal!!!

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