A happy pillow.


My friend Mon surprised me with this pillow that she made from a recycled shirt!  The front is a happy yellow and the back is velvety soft grey corduroy. I love it! Thanks so much Mon!

I can’t decide where to put it though. On the bench that we got for our anniversary, or on the on the bed next to these? (Can’t believe how perfectly they match!)

Or maybe somewhere completely different! What do you think?

And! If you are lucky enough to live in San Francisco, you can purchase one of Mon’s pillows at the Junior Store! Awesome.

5 Replies to “A happy pillow.”

  1. Such a fun and happy project!  Love all the bright and lemony colors!

  2. such a wonderful gift. love that it’s made out of a recycled shirt. so cool!

  3. I like it on the bench

  4. wow, this looks just like a spread in a magazine! so pretty.

  5. the more i see of yellow the more i like it! Super nice pillow and like the sneak peak into your home – seems lovely!

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