Shadow maid!


Okay, so is it just me, or does that shadow look like a person? Freaky, eh?

Do you have any fun plans this weekend?  I’m going to be cleaning and doing laundry — unless shadow maid magically does it all for me, ha!

Then as a reward J and I are going to go see a movie — hopefully The Girl Who Played with Fire. Oh and get some frozen yogurt too!  Yum.

Happy weekend,

11 Replies to “Shadow maid!”

  1. Oh my gosh that really does look like a person, how funny! Have a great weekend Lisa

  2. oh WOW!  It does look like a person—when she gets done at your house—send her to mine—I could keep her busy for quite a while

  3. Wow, that is freaky! I hope she does your laundry and cleans for you too!  heehee… :)

  4. Very cool picture!!! You are one talented photographer.

  5. OH MYLAAANTA!!! That IS freaky!!! So.  Are ya’ gonna wait until morning to see if she did the laundry? ;)

  6. My parents has marble floor in their house, so as a child I was always seeing figures in the veining of the marble – people, animals, etc. I am glad to see I’m not the only one :)
    This weekend I will be at home fasting…, as this is the Jewish Day of Atonement. My husband doesn’t “share” that holiday with me, so it’s always entertaining…

  7. Totally weird shadow!! You will love that movie…and I spotted a Red Mango in Vegas last night since there are no Pinkberry stores! We might do yogurt later too!!

  8. Red Mango is coming to Austin soon, can’t wait! :)
    Have fun in Vegas! :)

  9. Kathyc on SCS says:

    Yep, I see her, with her perky nose and curled-under bangs; she must have a starched white apron on and is going to iron as soon as she puts in another load of wash!  Please send her to Massachusetts after she finishes yours and Vicki’s homes!  Big weekend plans here;  we have a group going skydiving tomorrow!!!!  I’m just a spectator though; I then have a fun class at my local LSS for card making; can’t wait!  Enjoy your weekend! 

    1. Whoa, skydiving! I’ve always wondered what that would be like, but then I chicken out, ha! :)

  10. that is so freaky! well, hope she will help you with the laundry. =) we’ll be running some errands and probably some laundry, too. will be watching some catch up Mad Man, too! =) have a fab weekend!

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