While going through my vacation photos the other day I came across these from Scratch Bakery & Cafe in Cedar Falls, Iowa and I just had to share!


It’s a charming little place off Main Street with the most delicious ceiling, glass plates that look like doilies, cool metal tables and chairs — oh, and cupcakes, too!

J opted for the vanilla.  I got to taste a bite, it was awesome.


And I had to go for one called “happy day” — it was vanilla too, but with sprinkles baked in the batter.


Mmmmm, so good!

Hope you’re having a happy Monday! I wasn’t, but scratch that…

12 Replies to “Scratch!”

  1. These look soooo good Lisa! I hope your day is better now! :)

  2. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  They look delicious Lisa.  Now I’m hungry…
    Hope your day improves. :)

  3. yummmy~!! you know it’s been quite awhile since i’ve had a cupcake… isn’t that horrible!??! i am sooo hungry now!!

    1. I know! I don’t think I’ve had a cupcake since Scratch, and there is a cupcake shop right down the street from my house! Danger! :)

  4. Ahhh Lisa!! that’s what I call a piece of heaven! thanks for the treat! (hope the “bad monday” was part of the “scratch” joke!)

    1. Bad Monday is definitely better after seeing these photos :)

  5. Sorry your Monday is Bleck :( Cupcakes make EVERYTHING better!

  6. barbara lassiter says:

    Awesome looking cupcakes. Gotta try making some with sprinkles inside! Hope your blue day turned into a golden day!!!

  7. that is a cute little shop! mmm…. i am craving for a cupcake now… =) hope your week gets better!

  8. oh yum!  hope you have a better day today

  9. Yum, that was a good cupcake!

  10. Those cupcakes look delicious and the store looks cute, too!

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