Our Thanksgiving Feast 2010

So many people asked me what we were doing for Thanksgiving this year that I just had to share. (Any excuse to take photos is a good excuse, right? Right!)

We usually have a potluck with vegetarian friends, then go for a hike, then eat dessert! It’s so fun. But this year the potluck didn’t work out, so it was just J and I.

So I decided to make a romantic three course feast. We both got all dressed up and I set the table with favorite fall Fiesta colors, plus a new little tray that we scored in the seconds room at the Homer Laughlin outlet last week while in Ohio. It’s holding acorns and a rock that we picked up on a hike with my Dad, an oak leaf from Boardman Park where we went on our first date, plus a cute little mini pumpkin that J got for me.

Here’s our first course — a salad with pomegranate seeds and vinaigrette. Yum.

Next up is butternut squash soup with a roasted red pepper garnish. (I love roasting the peppers on my gas stove — so fun!) The soup has butternut squash, onions, garlic, ginger, cumin, coriander, a pinch of cinnamon, orange juice, and yummiest of all — miso — in it.

I learned how to make the soup last year at a Hero Arts teambuilding day — it’s so good!

The third course was Great Aunt Verna’s Homemade Noodles — blogged them + the recipe here, corn, cranberries, and Field Roast’s Celebration Loaf.

There weren’t many leftovers besides the big vat of soup.

We had planned on going hiking, but a cold front ROARED in — it went from 79 F down to 49 F in about an hour. It sure was cozy and warm inside, though.

Just like Thanksgiving should be.

Oh and to whomever tried to purchase those cranberries at the grocery store — I’m sorry they ended up in my bag instead of yours. I made sure to savor every little bite for you. And I was super thankful to be in line behind you, because I forgot mine. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, one and all!

8 Replies to “Our Thanksgiving Feast 2010”

  1. Beautiful dinner, Lisa! Your table looks so cozy and romantic! Love the special, little things, placed on the pretty tray! Hugs!

  2. very arty looking….and delicious..

  3. Lisa,
    I think you made a very special Thanksgiving dinner for you and J. It looks like you put a lot of thought and love to make it one that you and J will remember always. Happy Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday season.

  4. Your table looks beautiful and your food looks so yummy! Love how the centerpiece tray is so pretty and meaningful. Happy Thanksgiving- I’m thankful for you and your charming creativity!!

  5. your table setting is so warm and pretty. mmm…. looks like you had a sweet and cozy night! thanks for sharing! have a wonderful weekend! =)

  6. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures, looks like your Thanksgiving celebration was a success! Love the table setting!

  7. Your dinner looked great. I’m glad you and Jason had a great Thankgiving. Love, MOM PS: See you soon!!!!!!!

  8. lisa! looks like you had a perfect thanksgiving! those noodles look yummy…i will have to try them someday. so thankful to have a friend like you!

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