Putting up decorations!

I love pulling out our Christmas decorations — it’s like seeing old friends.

But before I could bring myself to tear down my fall window display I just had to snap a few photos to remember it by!

(Prairie grasses including sideoats, Indian grass, and little bluestem, and blazing star from our garden, plus round yellow flowers from the grocery store. Matching yellow soap from Anthropologie. :) The little things to the right of the soap are fossils that I found near Dallas.)

Oh and! Did you see I already started decorating the blog? Love that holly from The Graphics Fairy.

Okay, off to decorate!

6 Replies to “Putting up decorations!”

  1. Pulled my Christmas stuff out too today, Lisa. Slowly but surely getting it put up. I love it too! Funny how I’m always surprised by certain items. . . .like I’ve forgotten I had them. . .love that! :) Have fun!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    My kitchen window has a similar display…only it’s green depression glass!
    Your blue glass is lovely!

  3. i’ll miss your pretty fall decoration, but in a way i am looking forward to your Christmas one! love the pretty blue glass you used!

  4. LOVE that blue glass! Can’t wait to see what you do for Christmas.

  5. Lisa your pics are gorgeous!! I saved your blog in my iphone so I can visit more often when hubbs is hogging the home computer…lol

  6. Your pics are beautiful! I love how delicate and fresh this looks and the blue glasses are fantastic. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas display =)

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