There’s something about…

…paper whites growing indoors in the wintertime that I just love.

I love waking up each morning to see what happened overnight. (These have grown a quarter of an inch since I first planted them yesterday. Amazing.)

I love it when they bloom — they smell so good!

And most of all, I love it that I got these with my friend Louise at The Gardener when I was in Berkeley last month.

Have you ever tried growing paper whites? It’s really easy: just put them in a container with some dirt and keep them watered. They like to be near a window, but not where it’s too cold. That’s it!

6 Replies to “There’s something about…”

  1. There is nothing like that smell! I’ve done this years ago and just looking at yours brings back the smell to me. Please post again when they’re blooming!

  2. barbara lassiter says:

    I think I’ll try growing these just so I’ll have something blooming when it snows. More flowers and less snow this year would be wonderful!!!!

  3. Lisa, you won’t believe this, but I JUST bought one of these kits last week and am watching mine grow too! We sell them where I work in my floral department. I’ve never done it before and mine are growing like weeds! I didn’t realize they had a nice smell. . . .can’t wait till they bloom!

  4. what are paperwhites/!?!!?!?! Are they onions? They look like onions.

    What a cute photo–it’s like they’re popping their heads out to see if it’s warm enough to wake up lol!

    can’t wait to see them again in a few days when they’re all the way ‘out of their jumpers’ (jumpers=sweaters)


    1. Hi Linda! That cracked me up :) Paper whites are more like daffodils — except the flowers are smaller and they are usually all white. And they smell heavenly!

  5. Traditionally here on the East Coast we plant various glass pcs using white marble chips, bulbs and red dogwood {supports with twine as they grow} for gift giving.

    Merry Christmas,

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