Don’t you love it when…

I was trying to carry too many things — one of them being my camera! — and some tea splashed on the floor.

Just love little moments like this.

You can’t plan for them, they just happen.

Wishing you happy weekend full of unexpected little surprises that make your heart smile,

18 Replies to “Don’t you love it when…”

  1. Sometimes things happen that just make you smile. Very cute. Have a good time this weekend and I hope it warms up. MOM

  2. I love your blog…and the photos are beautiful!

  3. Now, that is a stamp waiting to be born!


  4. Good eye, Lisa!

  5. that is adorable!

  6. Seriously? It made a heart? Love this Lisa!

  7. :-) Hey those are my feet next to yours! Love ya!

  8. Too cute!

  9. You guys are one of my favorite couples!!!!!! I know, we haven’t met in person, but my gosh… I love seeing real love!!!
    And, LOVE your sox and jammie pants… um.. I think they are jammies! Otherwise cute groovy pants!!!


    1. hee hee thanks Andi! Yep they are jammies — really comfy warm ones, it was cold this morning! Got down to 24 last night and that’s unusual for here, brrrrr! :)

  10. It’s such a joy visiting your blog! Doesn’t matter if it’s to look at cards, or view some of your wonderful photography. . .it’s just a joy! Hugs! :)

  11. Aww Lisa, adorable post!

  12. this certainly made my heart smile!

  13. how cool is that!!!!!!!!!!

  14. I love it when the universe sends out love. I opened my bagel the other day and the hole in the middle was filled with cream cheese in the shape of a heart! Love, r

  15. Sharon D from Canada says:

    Love this!!! How perfect that your sweet hubby was there to see it live too! Fantastic photo!

  16. too cool! (and too cute!)

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