Are you coming with me?

I’m getting ready to leave for CHA on Thursday, the big Craft and Hobby Association trade show in Los Angeles. Want to come along with me here on the blog?

We’ll roam around together.

Sniff out new things!


Never know what we might find!

But I bet it will be fun. :)

I sure wish this dog was mine, but Ranger belongs to the Ranch Operations Manager  who lives at Bamberger Ranch. Ranger hung out with me while I hiked around for a few hours last Saturday morning — it was a true joy! I didn’t know whose he was until I met up with the ranch biologist around lunchtime and joined him and the Trail Tamers — more on that later.

Ranger would bound along in front of me, then look back to make sure I was following, then bound along some more.

Okay that’s it for now — back to getting ready for CHA! I can’t wait to see everyone!

Hope you join me here on the blog — I’ll be posting updates from the show.

14 Replies to “Are you coming with me?”

  1. Can’t WAIT, Lisa!!

  2. Adorable dog! Adorable way to post about the conference!

  3. I wish I was going with you for real, Lisa! But I’m so glad you’ll be sharing some posts while you’re there! I’ll look forward to it! That dog is adorable!

  4. Very cute, and yes I’ll tag along with you via the net (bit far to actually come from my place)

  5. Lisa, The dog pictures are wonderful. I really enjoyed them! Thanks.

  6. barbara lassiter says:

    Looking forward to some Lisa views from CHA!!!!

  7. I’m so looking forward to CHA…the countdown is on, see you soon!

  8. Awww, what a sweet puppy! He was just making sure you were on the right path! Wish I had those kinds of dogs around in real life ;) See you at CHA!

  9. Love the photos of doggy joy, especially the one where all you see is his tail–too cute! Thanks for sharing :) I needed a chuckle today!

  10. Ack! He is SOO cute and fun! And DO (please!) post pictures of CHA! Really wishing I could go there and meet you (and give you my super long overdue package!)! :)

  11. Lisa,
    I luv your stories and photos-so clever and sweet.
    I know you’ll have fun at CHA. Looking forward to your posts.

  12. The pictures of Ranger are fabulous. He looks so happy and carefree, made me smile!

  13. Sharon D from Canada says:

    What joyful photos! TFS!

  14. What great photos and captions! I might look like Ranger if I got to go to CHA. Now that would be something you would definitely need pictures of LOL!!!

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