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Hmmm, what’s this?

My messy desk after unpacking from CHA.

Is there a desk lurking under that mess?

Is it hiding under all the new goodies that I brought home from CHA?

Oh yeah!

Okay, I’m off to excavate.

Think I’ll start with the chair.

How about you, what’s on your desk right now?

18 thoughts on “Hmmm, what’s this?”

  1. I have a brand new desk in my brand new studio! At the moment therefore it is spotlessly clean :) Not sure how long it’ll stay that way.
    Love you photo of your desk… looks like lots to explore and investigate. :)
    Hope you had fun at CHA.

  2. You make me smile – that looks like a bunch of crafty fun just waiting to happen! I’m laughing too because you should see the state of my craft desk right now (and anytime, in fact!) – it generally looks worse than yours, and like a whirlwind blew right through. And that’s when I haven’t been to any show!!! ;)
    Enjoy all those goodies won’t you!

  3. Love all the goodies that make up your desk, Lisa! Mine is a mess right now too! I cannot WAIT to see all the fabulous things you’ll be creating with your fab CHA finds! Get goin’, would ya please!? (hee. hee)

  4. Ooooo! Let’s trade desks!!!! Mine is a disaster.. not my disaster.. my daughter’s! She has her own crafty desk but uses mine because her’s is it’s own disaster!!!! Cheese wiz…

  5. I just cleaned mine up but somehow it is still very cluttered!!!! That is it’s natural state because the next project is always waiting!!! Love your bright and cheerful work area!

  6. Looks like brilliance is soon to happen on your desk! I just spent the whole weekend cleaning and reorganizing my craft room so now my desk is perfectly clean and orderly…of course I haven’t done much creating yet either.

  7. i have a image that needs to be finish coloring right in front of me. just need to decide what colors to use for the last bit of details. thanks for sharing your desk! looks like you got lots of new goodies to play with. can’t wait to see what you make. please do share! =)

  8. Looks like you have a ton yummy new stuff to play with! YAY!
    My desk is a disaster – still all messy from Sunday’s 90 min scramble in the HA flickr group!

  9. Lisa, your desk looks a lot tidier than mine does at the moment! I finished making a card just before I went out this evening so now that I’m back I really should be sorting out the big mess!

    My mess includes my sewing machine, lots and lots of scraps (fabric, threads, paper and card), stamps, buttons, yarn, twine, heart templates, pps, distress inks, embossing powder, Cuttlebug, dies, post-its…. I don’t know how I can make such a mess for only one card! Enjoy playing with your new goodies!

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