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donut seeds

donut seeds

(source: Pinterest)

This totally cracked me — hope it makes you smile too!

I have tomorrow off, hoping to have time to get crafty. It’s been a wild week so far, and boy do I need it.

Hey come to think of it, I coud use a donut, too. Think one of these seeds will grow?

21 thoughts on “donut seeds”

  1. Adorable!!!!!!!

    Over here in our area (cow country, you know) , our Cattlewomen used to sell a ‘cow herd starter pack’ that is similar. In the bag are white lima beans, and each end is painted black – so a starter holstein herd! They come with instructions to plant them, and water them and the herd will grow!!!!!

    1. Ha ha ha Andi! holstein beans — that cracked me up too!

      And! that reminded me of some “cowboy bubble bath” that my Gran used to have — it was a fancy jar of beans, tied with bow, hee hee :)

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