donut seeds

donut seeds

(source: Pinterest)

This totally cracked me — hope it makes you smile too!

I have tomorrow off, hoping to have time to get crafty. It’s been a wild week so far, and boy do I need it.

Hey come to think of it, I coud use a donut, too. Think one of these seeds will grow?

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  1. If those seeds don’t grow, you know where some donuts shops are. If not go for a cupcake!!!!

  2. barbara lassiter says:

    That is so cute!!!! My 14 month old grandson loves donut seeds!!!!

  3. Adorable!!!!!!!

    Over here in our area (cow country, you know) , our Cattlewomen used to sell a ‘cow herd starter pack’ that is similar. In the bag are white lima beans, and each end is painted black – so a starter holstein herd! They come with instructions to plant them, and water them and the herd will grow!!!!!

    1. Ha ha ha Andi! holstein beans — that cracked me up too!

      And! that reminded me of some “cowboy bubble bath” that my Gran used to have — it was a fancy jar of beans, tied with bow, hee hee :)

  4. …still chuckling, thanks for sharing!

  5. So funny! Thanks for the laugh, Lisa! I’m glad you’ve got a day off to get crafty. . . . .I always love the results! Hugs!

  6. so cute lol. I love your sense of humour :)

    My question is this, after planting the donut seeds, would you water them or oil them?! lol

    1. maybe they need coffee! hee hee :)

  7. Too cute! Love the new look of your header and your new photo! So cheery, definitely makes me want Spring time now!

  8. hehe, I luv it!

    C :)

  9. LOVE THIS!! so cute! i wonder if donuts grow on trees or vines…. =)

  10. Brilliant – so funny! Must plant some in my garden, lol!

  11. Hilarious ;) I nearly spat my cup of tea all over my keyboard!

  12. That is hilarious! I love it!

  13. Tiffany Johnson says:

    Supah cute!!! These are the healthier version, right? LOL

  14. Sharon D from Canada says:

    Hee! Total cuteness! Good memory too: my brother had asked to plant sesame seeds to grow buns!

    1. ha ha ha Sharon! That is hilarious! :)

  15. Lol… This is super cute!!!

  16. this made me chuckle! :D

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