Look at all these beautiful handmade sympathy cards I’ve received. And a sweet bird, too.

I feel so humbled and honored, I just can’t believe it.

Thank you all so much, it’s like getting lotsa hugs.

And I really needed all the hugs I could get today. I went for a walk around the neighborhood — the first one since I’ve  been back. I started thinking about my last walk, when I took these photos to show my Grandma. It was just a few weeks ago, yet it feels like ages and ages. I started crying and crying. (The guys on the lawn crew probably just thought it was pollen or some such. I hope.) When I came home and saw the cards I felt so much better.

Can’t wait to share photos of all these special cards.


14 thoughts on “Wow.”

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling the love and hugs from all of us, Lisa. I know we all loved sending them to you and here’s another one. . . .*HUG*

  2. It’s going to take a lot of hugs to take some sadness away…hope the cards lift your spirit up! MORE hugs to you! You are in good company :)

  3. Thinking of you still at this tough time Lisa. And still sending out big hugs ;)
    I wish I new your address to send a card too, but meantime, I’d say don’t be afraid to have a little sob in a public place if you want to. I do it if I need to. Who minds? Nobody! People probably wish they did it too, when they are feeling sad.
    Take care, Ruth S xx

  4. Lisa, I’m so glad our cards gave you a little lift:) It’s so hard going through what you are at the moment. I hope that soon when you think of your Grandma it will bring smiles instead of tears. Hugs:)

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