A special cup of tea.

Today would have been my Grandma’s 87th birthday.  (Still can’t believe she’s gone.)

I wanted to do something special, but I didn’t know what.

Then I talked to my Great Aunt Freda (who lives in Arizona) and she had a wonderful idea — we’d all have a cup of tea at the same time — 10:00 CST. You see, my Grandma drank tea everyday — usually good ole Lipton, but she liked other teas, too.

My Dad (in Ohio), my sister (in Florida), and my Great Aunt Ada (who lives in West Virginia) all joined in. And my friend Lakshmi did too. J had his tea early since he had a meeting at work.

I made a pot of Rishi Orange Blossom green tea and looked at old photos. (And ate some mini lemon scones, yum.) The little chicken on the table in the first photo was hers — love that chicken. I had to have some flowers, too.

It made me so happy to know that we were tall drinking tea “together”. I felt so close to her.

Some of the photos totally cracked me up — like the middle one of my Dad’s prom — check out that camera he’s holding. Wish I had it now!  And his hairstyle, hee hee. :) (Grandma doesn’t look too happy tho, does she? Wonder why? Maybe she didn’t want to have her picture taken while she was eating cake? Looks like she was wearing her red lipstick. Just like I remember.)

And the bottom photo? Not sure what Granny is holding, but I’d like to pretend it’s a tea cup. (Also in the photo is a pile of presents — must have been her birthday.)

I’m really going to miss you, Grandma. Happy birthday. I’ll never forget sharing cups of tea with you.

And to all of you — if you have a cup of tea today, join me in wishing Grandma a happy birthday, won’t you?


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  1. Special :)
    I’m going to put the kettle on now. Big hugs, Ruth S xx

  2. Beautiful……..

    I am without words…

    Just beautiful……..


  3. I am drinking my favorite tea (Jasmine Downey Pearls)
    right now and celebrating with you. There is a continuous thread throughout our lives of sharing a cup of tea together! Those
    moments weave us together with the good and bad times.
    I know how important Grandma was to you. There is another thread as well.
    How important you were to her! You’ll probably never fully realize what you meant to her!
    Xoxo, j

  4. What a lovely tribute, so very thoughtful. Your photos are gorgeous, very fitting for a trip down memory lane.

  5. I’m drinking at least my 10th cup of tea today (well I am British!) and this one is for your Grandma’s birthday Lisa – Happy Birthday Grandma. When my Grandmother died in 1989 it was the trigger that started my passion for family history. Oh how I wished I had written down her memories and asked her who were the people in those old photographs. Finding out all I could about her family was a great comfort at that time I remember – and this was before the days of the internet too!

  6. Judy(moonlightgreetings) says:

    I will have my favorite mint green tea after my walk today, Lisa and think of you and your Gran. I find these sorts of rituals help us to keep loved ones close to us. Such a nice way for you to honor her and share with the rest of your family. Every year since my dad died in 2001, I make him a card and keep them in a mini album. I think of him daily but this is a way I honor his memory and express my thoughts to him.

  7. Lisa, I am having a cup of tea now and thinking of you and your grandma. xo, Mon

  8. Meghan Grace says:

    Hmmmm…I think that I’d like a cup of tea! Rejoice in those beautiful memories-I know that your beloved Grandma is! Hugs! Meghan

  9. What a lovely post. How nice to have all those photos to help bring you comfort. It sounds like you have some wonderful memories of your Gran. I don’t drink tea but am wishing Grandma a Happy Birthday, right along with you, Lisa. Big hugs to you!

  10. Love the photos Lisa! And what a great way to honor her memory with a daily routine that she loved doing! My mom is a heavy tea connoisseur. She will sometimes buy the less expensive brands when she doesn’t have time, but when she is at the Asian Markets, she will purchase these 1 lb. packets that cost so much! $100 for just 1 lb…eeks. But they last forever and is supposed to taste so good!

  11. What a sweet and touching way to celebrate your grandma’s birthday, Lisa. I like that you all had a cup of tea in her honor and shared a special love across the miles. Lovely post, thanks so much for sharing those great old photos, what a treasure.

  12. i’ll have a cup of tea in honor of your Grandma later (we usually have tea before we go to bed). it will be late, but still want to join you. such a sweet post, Lisa. so touching. precious photos, too. =)

  13. i just brewed some coffee and said a prayer for you all :)

  14. What a sweet and touching way to celebrate your grandma’s birthday, Lisa! I’m gone put the kettle on and drink a cup of tea in honour of you and your grandma!

  15. Ah sweets. I’ve been out of the loop. I’m so sorry you had to say goodbye to your Grandma, for now at least. She was obviously a very precious woman, and you remembered her is such a sweet way. Sending hugs, though I’m sure they’re not nearly so nice as Grandma’s.

  16. This is such a beautiful and touching post, Lisa — I’m so moved by it! I love that you all drank tea ‘together’…what a heartwarming idea. :) I love looking at old photographs, too…there’s something so beautiful about how the colours change. Happy birthday wishes for Grandma, and big, big hugs for you. :)

  17. Lisa, what a wonderful tribute and lovely way to remember your Grandma:) When I have my first cup of tea this morning, I’ll be thinking of your her and wishing her a belated happy birthday.

  18. You are very sweet!

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