Spring Colour Week at Poppytalk: Yellow!

Yellow is one of my all-time favorite colors.

But when it’s in the form of pollen on our driveway? Not so much.

Yep, that yellow tinge all over the concrete driveway is pollen. That’s springtime in Texas for ya. Here, take a closer look.

Kinda makes your eyes water, doesn’t it? (It’s from the oak trees — they put out loads of the stuff this time of year. Gets all over everyone’s cars, windows, everywhere. Yesterday there was so much on the front doorknob I had to go back in the house and wash my hands before I could leave the house!  Bleg. We need some rain to wash it away, any of you want to send us some?)

Okay, how about some more yellow by the driveway?

There now, much better.

And how about some daisies that are hanging over the edge of the driveway?

Uh oh, there’s an oak catkin (with pollen!) in this photo (on the flower on the left). Let’s try that again.

Ahhh, much better.

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Achoo! Achoo!

8 Replies to “Spring Colour Week at Poppytalk: Yellow!”

  1. I would love to send you some of our rain and snow flurries also. I’m waiting for the spring flowers, but you can keep the pollen!!!!


  2. yellow is not a good color for your feet. you need some rain we can send you some .78 Saturday love you dad

  3. yellow is a favorite, too! these flowers are pretty, lisa and i’m lovin’ all that dof action. :)

  4. I love coming here to see your photography! Always love the shots you take! Pretty yellow flowers! The yellow pollen. . . .yuk! We have finally hit 50 degrees. . .feels so good after such a long cold, snowy winter! I’m really looking forward to some 70’s and 80’s! Happy spring, Lisa! :)

  5. Wow that’s a lot of pollen! Your photos of the flowers are gorgeous, Lisa! They are so pretty!

  6. love the vibrant yellow on the daisies. beautiful photos, Lisa!

  7. I miss that light! Thank you for bringing a bit of sunshine into my PNW existence!

  8. Englemann Daisy is one of my favorite native plants!

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