Spring Colour Week at Poppytalk: White!

Hi you guys! Hope you’ve been enjoying Spring Colour Week over at Poppytalk as much as I have. Today’s color is white, and since my maiden name was White you’d think I’d be all over it, wouldn’t you? (And you would think having a name that’s easy to spell would be so  simple, right? But no, I’d get Whyte, Whaite, or people would actually ask me how to spell it. Er?  So I took to saying “White, just like the color.” Ha.)

Anyhow, I was stumped. How do you show white? And tie it into spring?

I wandered around the house looking for white springy things.

First I found this little chicken that was my Grandma’s. Love it so much.

And who doesn’t think of eggs this time of year? (I just made an egg tree — can’t wait to show you.)

Then there was a box a cookies that my friend Mon sent. (So yummy. Thanks again, Mon!)

And last but not least, one of my favorite books that I got a few years ago in Tokyo.

I’d never have thought to put all of those items on the book cover together. But somehow they just seem to fit. And the arrangement and photography in this book is just makes me happy.

Something about white makes me feel so light and peaceful, what do you think?

Happy weekend, and happy spring!

8 thoughts on “Spring Colour Week at Poppytalk: White!”

  1. It’s been such a fun week on your blog, Lisa! Each day wondering what color you’re going to feature. . . .love the white items you found because they’re all so special to you. Each time I visit here, I love it more! Happy weekend to you too! :)

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