Happy weekend!

Hi all! How’s your weekend going? Ours has been so much fun so far: I went for a run this morning, cleaned the closet and got a bunch of old clothes ready to donate, then we went to lunch (Indian, yum!), then grocery shopping, then J got a haircut (he looks so nice!), went to Michael’s (got the Martha alpha punch I’ve been drooling over for 30% off, score!), then we ran into an old friend (hi Donna!), came home and washed clothes. And then? We upgraded our blogs.

Oh and, it was sunny and in the 90’s. What a great spring day. (Sorry there, family living in cold, damp, wintery Ohio — ha ha ha! :)

The only low point? We ate the last cookies that Mon sent. Darn.

(Thanks again, Mon!)


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  1. Sounds like you had a busy day. Weather not so bad in Ohio today, dry, some sun and was in the upper 50’s. We took the cover off the camper, adjusted the wheel height on the tractor and then I went and played cards with mom, the aunts and Uncle Don. MOM

  2. What a productive day you had! And Indian foods sounds delish! Love the photo!

  3. Fun weekend! We have been enjoying almost summer-like weather here in the UK so that’s been making for a gorgeous weekend too ;)
    Let’s hope the productivity (and fine weather!) lasts, hugs, Ruth S

  4. I love that photo! Sounds like you had a day filled with fun and productivity. We are actually suppose to get up to 75 degrees today! Woo, hoo, it’s finally here! Happy Sunday to you, Lisa! :)

  5. You have to rub it in, don’t you? :)) Actually it’s supposed to warm up a bit here……….but more rain, I’m afraid. Love your photo today! Great shot of your pretty table – did you have to stand on a chair to take it?

    1. Hi Lin! My camera has a flip-out screen, so no chair required! I just flipped the screen out, angled it down, and raised up my arms! Love this camera – J got it for me for Christmas – it’s a Canon G12. :)

      Sorry for your weather — my Dad said it came from Texas ha ha ha!

  6. 43 degrees here in Eastern Oregon… clouds.. and snow in the forecast… Poey!!!!

    I love spring and am looking forward to when it shows up in our world!!!

    Happy Sunday!

  7. Hi Lisa–that is such a cute post! I love your updates when they’re just about life in general and not craft almost as much as I lvoe your crafty ones!! You can see the sweetness that abounds in the life you and J share just jump through EVERY photo. It’s so lovely!

    Glad to see you seem to be feeling better (a little every day right?!) I have a photo I have to email you actually…must find it… :)

  8. Hi girlie! Looks like things are awesome there for you. Believe it or not you’re in my gReader but my gReader and I have not been buddies since we moved to the UK. Anyhow, just stopping by to say hi :)

    1. Miss you too! I gotta drop by your blog! :)

  9. Hey, I like that “…recently posted… and it links to my post” what plug-in is that? I need to update my blog!! Love yours!

    1. Hi Savitri! It’s a plugin called CommentLuv — I *luv* it! :)

  10. Lisa! Glad you enjoyed the cookies! Love the photo! :)

  11. I wish there were more cookies left…

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