Happy Easter!

Hope you’re having a wonderful Easter weekend so far! Mr. Bunny has already stopped by and filled our baskets — not-to-be-opened until tomorrow, of course. I also received a beautiful bouquet from friends. (Thanks so much, all of you! It truly meant so much. Hugs!)

The bouquet got a little hot sitting on the kitchen table in our 90+ degree heat — some of the flowers started melting, doh. (That’s Texas for ya!) So, I took it apart and made lotsa mini bouquets to scatter on the mantle. The light was streaming in and it really made my heart sing — just had to take a few photos to share with you!

My Grandma always had Easter egg trees — do you do that too? Check out that old photo of me and her, love it. (Although, I remember hating that bonnet, I kept trying to take it off.) And check out the old Polaroid of my little sister and I too. (Hey Chris, I think we have Kool-Aid lips, ha ha!)

And the best thing about my egg tree? I got the eggs at the dollar store with my Dad in Ohio. (Hi Dad! Love you.)

(Thanks once again to Kelly Booth, Deborah Nolan, Jenn Biederman, Karen Piskor, Judy Jung, Lisa Carroll, Lucy Abrams, Sarah Moerman, Kathy Racoosin, Virginia Lu, Lin Brandyberry, Tiffany Erwin, Cathy Andronicou, Linda Metteer, Jill Foster, Vera Rhuhay, Arlene McClung, Sue McRae, Sally Sherfield, Alice Wertz, Heather Doran, Anita Recksiedler, Jenny Mordarsky, Sharon Dunn, Nancy Krueger, Joy Taylor, Kryssi Ng, Barb Engler, Robin Kubasik, Jennifer McGuire, and Kiara Lee for the beautiful flowers — I’m going to move one of the little bouquets to the table for our Easter dinner. I’ll be thinking of all of you. Hugs!)

Happy, happy Easter! Do you have any special traditions? I’d love to hear.

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  1. happy Easter Lisa! i will have an aloha easter :)

    TFS all your lovely photos!

  2. Love this happy post! i’m so glad that you were blessed by the flowers, it’s wonderful that you made so many sweet little bouquets with them.
    Easter Blessings, sweet friend!

  3. Hope you and Jason have a wonderful Easter. Rain in the forecast here. Hope it doesn’t spoil the Easter egg hunt at Marilyn’s tomorrow. Wish you were here. Love, MOM

    1. Send the rain here, we sure need it! Love you lots and wish we were there too! Give everyone a big hug for us! :)

  4. Hi Lisa! I’m on a break at work and wanted to pop in to wish you and J a very Happy Easter! So glad the flowers are making you smile! Love those old photos! Hugs to you!

  5. Happy Easter! Love your little bouquets! And thanks for sharing your Easter photos, too! HUGS!

  6. Sharon D from Canada says:

    I’m so glad that the flowers are helping make your heart a little happier, Lisa! And thanks so much for sharing your lovely photos! I especially love the cute egg trees! Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter! Big hugs!

  7. Happy Easter, Lisa! Thanks for sharing the photos of your flowers, they look so pretty the way you have made the mini bouquets with them. I love the photos of you with your Grandma, sister and the Easter egg trees.

    When the kids are in bed the Easter Bunny takes all the eggs they have received from family and friends and hides them all around the house. He always takes a photo of each egg in its hiding place (very close up so it’s often hard to tell where it is!) so the boys go egg hunting first thing in the morning. Then after lunch the Bunny leaves a note somewhere with clues for a chocolate bunny hunt in the garden. Some of the bunnies have letters on them and the kids have to put the letters together to figure out where their prizes are hidden. Sorry this is so long but that’s the tradition in our house! Hope you have a fun day:)

  8. awww… love those precious photos! they are so cute and love your egg tree. thanks for the photos of the bouquet. it’s beautiful. have a beautiful Easter! big hugs! =)

  9. Happy Easter , its still raining here. Nice egg tree and I do not know who those YOUNG people in the pictures are ? You and Jason have a great day. Love you guys.

  10. You have such amazing friends! The house pics look beautiful and springy :) Happy Easter to you too!

  11. Aww…love the sweet photos…i love the photo of you with your grandma and your sister…you looks so cute :) and I love the egg tree too!
    Happy Easter to you too,Lisa!

  12. So glad you are enjoying the flowers Lisa, I love the way you have split them to mini vases, just perfect. Have a Happy Easter.

  13. So happy you received the wonderful bouquet and that you were able to break them up in smaller vases before they wilted! So pretty! I love the younger photo of you!

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