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A *gem* of a day!

Hi you guys! I’ve had several people ask how my Easter was, so I thought I’d show you! Here’s a few favorite snaps I took during the day — mostly of food, YUM. There’s also flowers from friends, napkin rings from another friend, and our Fiesta daisy dishes circa the 1960’s:

And then, one photo that totally cracked me up while I was washing the dishes — it’s no wonder my coffee cup would’t sit flat!

That’s a Hero Arts gemstone. They turn up in the most unexpected places — even on J! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve found them stuck to the bottom of my feet — once at the ankle doc! — I hurried up and took it off so he wouldn’t think I was a loon. How about you, what’s the strangest place you’ve ever found one? I’d love to hear!

Have a sparkly day,

12 thoughts on “A *gem* of a day!”

  1. Digby, my golden retriever likes to sport a little bling every now and then, usually on his big fluffy tail that he’s always wagging.
    Looks like your Easter celebration was colorful and tasty!
    NancyK recently posted..Easter Blessings

  2. it’s always a treat to see your photos, Lisa! so beautiful and those napkin rings are sooooo cute! needless to say you are making me hungry with the yummy food pics! LOL! well our cats like to wear them sometimes. they love shiny things… =) we do make sure that they don’t get swallowed though. litter box is where you don’t want to see them. =)
    Alice W. recently posted..Sparkle Creations Rubber Stamps Challenge 40

  3. Love seeing your photos, Lisa! Your place looks so colourful and festive! I love your napkin rings and the pancakes look yummy! One time when we were going out my hubby saw a couple of gemstones that I must have sat on, so I suppose that’s the strangest place so far!
    Heather Maria recently posted..Bee Friends

  4. Your plates and cups are sooooo gosh darned cute! Love your photo collage :) I’ve had those darn gems turn up on my butt…most likely from crafting in the wee hours of the morning in my robe…LOL!
    Tiffany Johnson recently posted..Ahoy Matey!

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