Watercolor posy.

Hi you guys! Hope you’re having a great week so far, and hope you’ll have time to play in the very first Make-It + Mail-It challenge! I’ve really loved all the cards that have been submitted so far — there’s going to be some mighty happy mailboxes out there, yay! :)

Here’s another card that I’ll be sending out this week. Not saying who it’s for because she’s a master at watercolor and I’m just getting my feet wet (get it, feet wet? watercolor? ha ha! okay bad pun). Anyhow, here goes!

Sure hope she likes it.

(I painted the posy with watercolors. Message on the inside and the twine are both by Hero Arts. Love the little wooden spool that the twine comes on! But, I’m not sure I’d call it twine? It’s pretty thick, more like cording. Still cool tho. The digital stitching on the photos is a brush by Katrina at Pugly Pixel. She’s got more embroidery effects, too. Love them all.)

Okay, off to mail it to Palm Springs. Oops, did that give it away? :)


8 Replies to “Watercolor posy.”

  1. i think she’ll LOVE IT, lisa — perks me up just looking at it. :) thanks for reminding me about those brushes (totally forgot about those)!

  2. Super cute watercoloured posy! I love the details you added to the inside of the card too ;)
    The recipient is surely going to treasure it!
    Hugs, Ruth S

  3. So cute! She’ll love your card Lisa! Love the stitches inside.

  4. Hi Lisa! :) Love your pretty, purple, posy and the great texture of the card base! Have a great day! Hugs!

  5. Ah….so very pretty! She will adore this….I’ve tried some of my own watercolored cards and have not liked the results, so I just need to keep practicing, but I love the subtle look it gives!

  6. Yep, that sweetie in the desert will love it because it’s perfect! I always appreciate a good pun (I’m married to an incurable punster).

  7. Lisa, your card is so beautiful! I love your watercoloured flower and use of washi tape! The stitching on the inside is gorgeous too! Lol I’ll be collecting wooden spools next! After using the cord they’d be great for storing thin ribbon or wire.

  8. wow! your watercoloring is amazing, Lisa! it gives such depth and texture. love how you grounded it with the washi tape, too. so pretty! i am sure your friend will love this! hope you had a yummy lunch. =) now, i’ll have to dig out something for mine… =)

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