Woo hoo, I did it!

I finally painted a board to use as a backdrop for photos! I first tried it out on the Make-It and Mail-It challenge — love how it came out.

Actually, I painted TWO boards! I left one plain and used a nifty wood graining tool on the other one.

I had been meaning to do this for so long — ever since I first read Ishtar’s photo tutorials. And now, it’s done! Yay! (And I even have some paint left over, hmmmm, wonder what I can do with it? J better look out, ha!)

To celebrate, I brought Winslow the Owl home with me. He’ll be helping me photo lotsa projects now.

Do you have fun plans this weekend? I’m going to be working on my entry for the Umbrella Prints trimmings competition! Umbrella Prints is an organic fabric company based in Australia. They hand screen print their fabrics, so cool. Here, have a look:

The trimmings competition is to see what can be made with one packet of trimmings. These are almost too delicious to cut, I just want to sit and admire them…

But, I guess I’ll have to cut into them, as the deadline — May 1! — is fast approaching. Check out the Umbrella Prints flickr group to see what people have made so far — there’s some amazing entries. My friend Mon made the cutest owls, gah!

Hope you have a great weekend — whatever your plans may be! And hope you will have time to enter the very first Make-It + Mail-it challenge if you haven’t done so already. And! Just wanted to let you know that my blog underwent some unscheduled server maintenance last night — so if you tried to enter the challenge but couldn’t, please do try again. (J had an oops! moment, doh. But it’s all fixed now. Sorry ’bout that!)

9 Replies to “Woo hoo, I did it!”

  1. This is GORGEOUS!!! So fun and funky too!

  2. Great job on the boards! Though I seem to have to haul them around a lot…

  3. Lisa, wish I could participate in your first challenge, but I’m having too much fun in NYC right now :) Can’t wait to see what you make with the trimmings! Love all the colors in your packet!

  4. Winslow is handsome! =) the trimmings are so fun. good luck with the contest! can’t wait to see what you make with the fun prints. have a beautiful weekend! =)

  5. Lisa, your backdrops are great and Winslow is so cute! Those fabric look gorgeous – can’t wait to see what you create with them! No fun plans for the weekend just yet. I have lots of housework to catch up on, maybe tomorrow will bring some fun! Enjoy your weekend:)

  6. Hi Lisa! Love your painted boards. . . they look so cool! The trimmings are really pretty and I know you’ll make something fun with them! Love Winslow too. . .adorable, little guy! I’ve had a crafty day, which I love, then it’s back to work tomorrow. Hugs to you! :)

  7. What eye candy! Winslow just can’t be upstaged. He is quite the subject and his background is very creative. Love the trimmings, a really cool idea!

  8. I love your board! That subtle whitewashed woodgrain is so lovely! The perfect backdrop for crafty things. And Winslow is quite the dapper little fellow. He’ll show off your goodies to rival Vanna White!

  9. […] an excessive amount of time over here I got here throughout this very sweet image of our material by Lisa Spangler, very fittingly pinned to an actual life pin board…. (Lisa entered our trimmings comp with […]

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