A coincidental tale of Ohio, Texas, and soap.

One day while reading a magazine I came across an article and it had a map of Ohio. WOO HOO! I ripped it out excitedly, thinking it would make for a great card (most of my family lives in Ohio).

Then, later in the very same magazine, I found…

…a tourism ad with a little map of Texas. YES! This was definitely a card in the making.

Finally had a chance to put it together. Oddly enough, the card colors went perfectly with a  crochet soap-on-a-rope that I made for my Dad. (It even matched the manly Texas tumbleweed soap!)

Winslow the Owl thought that I planned the whole thing.

But nope, it all just came together.

Resources: The crochet pattern for the soap-on-rope is from the book Crochet: Learn to Crochet Six Great Projects by Klutz. It’s really for teens, but I think it’s awesome. (Perfect for beginners or if you get rusty.) My Dad got me the yarn when I was in Ohio. Heart stickers that I don’t remember who made, but wish I did because I need more! Stamps by Hampton Arts. Clippings from Audubon magazine. Texas Tumbleweed soap from Austin Natural Soap, a local company. (J confirms that it’s manly. :) Notecard and envelope by Fabriano. The washi tape is all by MT. (Yum.)

Do you ever tear out bits and pieces from magazines and make cards with them? I’d love to hear!

Oh and a little tip that I have learned: I like to use a gluestick to put magazine clippings on cards, then I use a rubber brayer to smooth out all of the bubbles and make it flat.  Otherwise, it looks all warped and wobbly. (Sometimes that’s okay too, tho!)

Winslow and I hope you enjoyed this little tale,

14 Replies to “A coincidental tale of Ohio, Texas, and soap.”

  1. Cute card! And Winslow is a fine owl.

  2. So fun, Lisa! Love the way you used the washi tape and your crocheted bag is adorable! (So is Winslow, by the way. . .) Hugs! :)

  3. Your card is just TOO cool! I love those puffy hearts :)

  4. So creative, Lisa! Supplies are everywhere. I love that soap and Dad will, too, for sure! You are such an inspiration.

  5. Sharon D from Canada says:

    Such a cute card, Lisa – and the washi tape is so perfect with it! Great gift for your Dad, too! I haven’t used mag pages directly on any of my cards, but I have torn out pages for inspiration.

  6. Love your fun card – I *seriously* need me some more washi! And it’s no wonder Winslow is impressed too.
    I have bought a road map before, with the purpose of tearing out pages that have the towns where friends and family members live. Especially useful for masculine cards, topped off with a transport themed image. Or perhaps a seashell if they live by the coast ;)
    Hugs, Ruth S

  7. I tear out pages of magazines with the best of intentions….I just came across some really interesting ones I’ve had since the 80s. Maybe your fabulously clever and whimsical card and gift will be just the nudge I need to do something fun!

  8. love this!

  9. lolzz… i too agree with Winslow:) lolzz…. what a cute card and a super interesting read… and my my that crochet pouch is so so cute… Just to share with you, i have now ordered the Klutz book you recommended and each time i go through yr post, i just can’t wait for it to arrive…

    Thanks so much for being such a super inspiration!!!


    1. yay, Shalini! I love that book! Hope you love it too! :)

  10. so fun and cool! you come up with the coolest ideas, Lisa! hope you have a beautiful weekend! =)

  11. barbara lassiter says:

    Oh! It was so much fun to come across this wonderful little story on your blog. I love Winslow. He is a great addition and seems so interested in all the great ideas you present! I’ve even used comic strips in a card or two when they were applicable. I’m sure your Dad will love this, especially as it was put together with much thought by you! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Cute and creative card! I love the little crocheted pouch for soap–really adorable! Have
    a great weekend.

  13. Your card is adorable, Lisa! I love the way you used the maps from the magazine! The inside is so sweet with the heart in the sentiment and the washi tape. I’m sure your dad will love it as well as the soap and cute crocheted bag! So far I’ve only torn photos out of magazines for ideas for colour combinations. Thanks for the tip about using the brayer!

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