My little secret.

Yep, that’s a picture of veggies. (Were you expecting donuts? Or cupcakes?)

They’re from the Angel Valley Farm stand that’s just a few miles from our house. Aren’t they pretty? I took the photo to tease my Dad in Ohio (where it was still snowing just a few weeks ago — no fresh rainbow chard for him, ha!)

Plus, I didn’t want ya to think that all I ate were donuts and cupcakes.

So, now that you know my terrible secret, it’s time to announce the random winner of the second-ever Make-It + Mail-It Challenge: Hey Sweets!


…are you ready?

#11, Isha! Yay! (I emailed you.)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the challenge — it really made me smile BIG to know that mailboxes around the world would be filling up with those fun cards.

I’ll be announcing another challenge just as soon as I can — have a big work deadline looming right now. (eek!)

Hugs to all, and hope this post made ya laugh a little :)

10 Replies to “My little secret.”

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned donuts! I totally forgot to comment on your donut card! Man! Sometimes I wonder where my head is! I adored the simplicity of that cute card and both donuts look so yummy!

    As far as this post goes. . .a whole nother kind-a-yummy! We finally have some warmer weather here and I can’t wait to plant my veggies! Congrats to Isha! Yippee!

    Hope your knees are feeling better, Lisa and good luck with the deadline. . .looking forward to the next challenge! Hugs! :)
    Barb :) recently posted..A New Challenge!

  2. Yum Lisa! Those veggies look sooo good…makes me want to reach out and grab ’em!
    mon recently posted..Happy Mothers Day!

    1. hee hee, thanks Mon! that was exactly the look I was aiming for to torture my Dad! :)

  3. These colors look so inviting. Yumm!! who would refuse to eat their veggies now. Wish could inspire the kids to eat thou…lol.

    Yay!!! Thanks for picking my card Lisa. I am so honored and am doing a happy dance now.

  4. great photo of the veggies Lisa….and congrats to Isha..
    Dawn T recently posted..ATCs for Hero Arts Challenge

  5. Congrats, Isha! And I am sure glad you are not a pure sugar girl, Lisa! Our farmer’s market looks just like your beautiful photo – can’t wait for Saturday. Thanks for sharing! Don’t work too hard.
    Maureen Morton recently posted..Pretty in Pink

  6. Forgot to tell you, I posted my “Make It + Take It” story on my blog today:
    Thanks again!
    Maureen Morton recently posted..Pretty in Pink

  7. Congrats to Isha!! Lisa – I LOVE the whole idea of your Make It- Mail It. When you have someone in mind to send a card to, it makes it much more fun!! Thanks for all you do and I’ll be sending you a note about card photography!!
    Marcy K recently posted..Play Date Cafe Challenge 79

  8. Lol and here I was thinking you only ate cupcakes and donuts, Lisa! The veggies look yummy! Congrats to Isha! I love your Make-It+Mail-It challenges!
    Heather Maria recently posted..Rainbow of ATCs

  9. […] bag is made from an envelope and is so easy to do. (Click HERE to see a great video my friend Lisa did showing an envelope bag creation.) I love how it is the perfect size for a stamp, an ink pad or […]

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