My little secret.

Yep, that’s a picture of veggies. (Were you expecting donuts? Or cupcakes?)

They’re from the Angel Valley Farm stand that’s just a few miles from our house. Aren’t they pretty? I took the photo to tease my Dad in Ohio (where it was still snowing just a few weeks ago — no fresh rainbow chard for him, ha!)

Plus, I didn’t want ya to think that all I ate were donuts and cupcakes.

So, now that you know my terrible secret, it’s time to announce the random winner of the second-ever Make-It + Mail-It Challenge: Hey Sweets!


…are you ready?

#11, Isha! Yay! (I emailed you.)

Thanks so much to everyone who entered the challenge — it really made me smile BIG to know that mailboxes around the world would be filling up with those fun cards.

I’ll be announcing another challenge just as soon as I can — have a big work deadline looming right now. (eek!)

Hugs to all, and hope this post made ya laugh a little :)

10 Replies to “My little secret.”

  1. I’m so glad you mentioned donuts! I totally forgot to comment on your donut card! Man! Sometimes I wonder where my head is! I adored the simplicity of that cute card and both donuts look so yummy!

    As far as this post goes. . .a whole nother kind-a-yummy! We finally have some warmer weather here and I can’t wait to plant my veggies! Congrats to Isha! Yippee!

    Hope your knees are feeling better, Lisa and good luck with the deadline. . .looking forward to the next challenge! Hugs! :)

  2. Yum Lisa! Those veggies look sooo good…makes me want to reach out and grab ’em!

    1. hee hee, thanks Mon! that was exactly the look I was aiming for to torture my Dad! :)

  3. These colors look so inviting. Yumm!! who would refuse to eat their veggies now. Wish could inspire the kids to eat thou…lol.

    Yay!!! Thanks for picking my card Lisa. I am so honored and am doing a happy dance now.

  4. great photo of the veggies Lisa….and congrats to Isha..

  5. Congrats, Isha! And I am sure glad you are not a pure sugar girl, Lisa! Our farmer’s market looks just like your beautiful photo – can’t wait for Saturday. Thanks for sharing! Don’t work too hard.

  6. Forgot to tell you, I posted my “Make It + Take It” story on my blog today:
    Thanks again!

  7. Congrats to Isha!! Lisa – I LOVE the whole idea of your Make It- Mail It. When you have someone in mind to send a card to, it makes it much more fun!! Thanks for all you do and I’ll be sending you a note about card photography!!

  8. Lol and here I was thinking you only ate cupcakes and donuts, Lisa! The veggies look yummy! Congrats to Isha! I love your Make-It+Mail-It challenges!

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