Happy Friday!

Can’t believe it’s Friday-the-Thirteenth, because I feel so lucky!

(This is my kitchen window display for May — it’s a little tribute to my Grandma. The chicken was hers, and I saw the creamer and the candleholders at West Elm while talking to her on the phone back in February. Didn’t buy them that day, but had to go back and get them later. Makes me feel close to her. )

We finally got some rain here in Austin — thanks to all you northreners who sent it our way, ’bout time you quit hogging it all!

It was a doozy of a rainstorm. (Texas sized, if you will.) I was driving home from PT for my knee and had to pull off the road for a bit. There was BIG lightening all around. The wind was shaking the car so hard that I wondered if there was a tornado.

But I made it home, safe and sound.

And the light! Oooo the light. I grabbed my iphone and snapped these photos with the Instagram app — loving that app more and more. Do you have it? Let me know and we can share photos!

And in more good news, my knee is on the mend. I rode the bike at PT for 10 minutes yesterday with just a few twinges.

And I was able to meet my work deadline, yay!

Yep, this Friday-the-Thirteenth sure has been lucky so far. (Knocking on wood.)

And, I’ve got a series of card photo tutorials planned out — hope to have the first one for you on Monday.  After that I’ll have another Make-It and Mail-It challenge to go along with the tutorial. Can’t wait.

If you have any card photo problems or questions please leave me a comment and let me know — then hopefully I can work them in the tutorials.

Have a lucky weekend,

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  1. Sounds like you’ve been having a lucky day Lisa ;) Those pics of your windows with the light coming through are beauties!
    And I’m glad your knee is on the mend. Take care, hugs, Ruth S

  2. So glad to hear your knee is getting better. :)

  3. Oh…beautiful images! I especially love the second one! Looking forward to Monday.

  4. Happy Friday Lisa! Guess what? I finally got my iphone and already downloaded the instragram app! Haha! Can’t wait to share photos with you. Glad to hear your knee is getting better!

    1. Yay Mon!!!!! Doing a happy dance for you, I know how long you’ve been wanting an iphone! YEAH! :)

  5. I still don’t have an iPhone; waiting for my TMobile contract to expire before switching–those ETFs can really nail ya’! ack!

  6. You just tweeted about card photography problems, and linked to here, so I hope this is where I need to post my problems. I have an “older” (as in two years old) digital camera. I bought a display board so that I could take my card photos on a white, neutral background… however, no matter what I do, the camera cannot handle all the white, so the pictures ALWAYS end up blurry. I’ve done a quick fix by draping some medium grey fabric over the middle of the display board, so that the camera can focus on the card, not get lost in the background. Are there any other options for my to photograph my cards that can be on a neutral background, but not have such a dark backdrop with the grey fabric? I thought of painting the display board, but my husband says that to prevent cracking, I’d need to use a rubberized paint.

    1. Hi Karen, that’s a great question! I’m going to email you for more info. :)

  7. I enjoyed your previous photo tutorials Lisa! I’m sure they will be great.

    1. Thanks so much Godelieve — means a bunch coming from you. :)

  8. Hi Lisa (great name! heehee!) – I looooove your photos but I have no intention of buying an iPhone and can’t afford a DSLR. I have two digital cameras. One I am semi-comfortable with, but get mediocre pictures out of (it’s a Nikon Coolpix S52 9.0 Megapixel) & the other I just can’t get a decent picture out of, but I KNOW it’s a better camera (Canon PowerShotSX20 IS 12.1 Megapixel).

    I keep reading the Canon manual and messing around with it, but don’t know what I’m doing wrong. So I just keep going back to using the trusty-dusty Nikon. Which is a shame. I’d love to have my cards just SHINE when I take my pics.

    Didn’t mean for this to be a novel, but any advice at all is helpful. Thanks! :)

    1. Hi Lisa (yep, great name)! I just looked up the Canon, it looks like a great one! Hopefully the tutorials will help you. :)

  9. So much good news in one post!!! Yay for a healing knee, meeting your deadlines, and for having lots of card tutorials down the pike :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I ‘m looking foreword to your photo tutorials Lisa!

  11. I’m looking forward to the tutorials too, Lisa! I always ADORE your photos! Love your very special window display too! It sounds like the physical therapy is helping your knee. . .yay! And I’m so glad you met your work deadline! You HAVE had a great day! Hugs! :)

  12. Lisa, I’m glad to hear your knee is getting better:) I love the photos of your window display and can’t wait for your card photo tutorials! I have quite a few problems taking photos of cards and would love to get help with any of them if possible!

    1. Often my cards look a bit wonky, with the top of the card appearing wider or narrower than the bottom part.
    2. On cloudy\foggy days the white sections on my cards seem to have a pink\grey hue so I was wondering if I can do anything to help with that other than waiting for a sunny day!
    3. Sometimes I use fabric on my cards and find that some fabrics appear much more grainy looking in photos than in real life. It’s usually only when I’ve finished and uploaded photos of the card that I realise how bad it looks – maybe I should just photograph a piece of the fabric before I make the card!
    4. Any tips on taking photos of shiny materials like acetate, glitter, pearlescent card or organza would be appreciated too!

    Sorry for the long list! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  13. I’m really looking forward to your tutorials, Lisa. Here’s my question – how do I get a nice squared off picture of a card? Mine is always wonky-looking, like it’s been tilted forward or something. In other words, the eye makes it look like the bottom of the card is wider than the top, or one side longer than the other. I cannot for the life of me get a good straight-on shot. Do I need a tripod?

  14. These photos are just gorgeous … there is such a wonderful feeling to them! I certainly need lots of help with photography! I know that capturing colours has a lot to do light but blue/violet and red violet (basicly purple) seem to be the most difficult for me. I tend to work with subtle colours which is also difficult to capture. Wonderful photos Lisa!

  15. I am looking forward to your photo tutorial, Lisa! I am now using a light tent to photograph my
    cards. Any general tips for photographing cards and for using the light tent would be most
    appreciated. And if by some miracle, the quality of my photos is like yours, that would be even better!

  16. Hey, it looks like Friday the 13th was lucky for you. Glad to hear your know is on the mend- stinker! Love your photos. I will appreciate any pointers. I like natural light so I use my patio. I don’t want a big old tent or box! Thanks for all you do.

  17. donna mikasa says:

    Hi Lisa! I recently got the Instagram app–still learning! Your photos are awesome!
    Looking forward to the photo tutorials. Any help would be appreciated…

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