Hey you guys! Did you have a good weekend? I sure did! It all started on Friday with dinner at Kerbey Lane Cafe — sloppy joels — yep, joels, ha ha — sweet potato fries and crunchy dill pickles. Yum.

(Photos taken with the instagram iPhone app — love this app so much!)

Then Saturday I got a sketchbook at Michael’s — I’m planning to use it for ideas, would you like to see it as I go along? (My other one is full.) After M’s, J and I went to IKEA where I got some new crafty storage — it’s almost put together, yay! Can’t wait to show you.

I didn’t craft as much as I wanted to, but I did make something that I’m going to share tomorrow. Just have to finish writing it up. (Don’t want to spoil the surprise, but let’s just say it involves jewelry and upcycling.)

It was so great seeing your experiments with ISO, aperture, and shutter speed for the Card Photography Series. Got a bunch of questions from you too — keep them coming, I may not always be able to, but love trying to help! I’m almost caught up on answering them all — I tried to stay off the computer yesterday for Memorial Day. (Have the next tutorial planned out, hoping to do it tomorrow eve.)

And that’s not all! I’m almost ready for another Make-It and Mail-It challenge, too!

Did you have a fun weekend? I’d love to hear!


7 Replies to “Yum.”

  1. how fun!
    spent some time with friends in gasparilla island, and it was so much fun. photos are up on my blog.

  2. Sounds like you had a fun weekend ;)
    We had spring Bank Holiday Monday over here in the UK so it was good to have along weekend here too! Bit of craftyness, bit of DIY, bit of catching up with good friends for lunch and lots of tea drinking… Good times.
    Looking forward to your next Make-It and Mail-It, hugs, Ruth S

  3. YUM!!! I need to plan my trip out to Austin stat! Had a productive weekend and even experimented with some of you photo tips, but my photo didn’t come out the way I wanted. Will keep playing tho…:)

  4. Spent the weekend celebrating Colins preschool graduation and cleaning the inside of cars. My favorite meal in Texas was from Kerbey Lane with the County Line BBQ close behind. Hey, we did have dessert at Kerbey when we were there. YUM!! Love, MOM

  5. I’d love to see your idea journal as you go along! Thanks for asking!

  6. Your weekend sounds perfect! I took a class on Saturday on Growing Heirloom Tomatoes – and spent some time in Old Towne Orange with lunch at the Blue Frog Cafe!

  7. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend, Lisa. Can’t wait to see the new storage and I’m looking forward to both the make-it mail-it challenge and the new tutorial! Hugs to you! :)

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