Happy Donut Day!

My friend Mon texted me last night to let me know that today, June 3, is National Donut Day! (How did I not know this?) It’s been going on since 1938, wow!

Mon had two of my favorite donuts in all the world — chocolate spice and caramel de sel from Dynamo in San Francisco — they are so yummy! I didn’t have a donut (boo!), so I carved some donut stamps instead (yay!).

Check them out! The dark brown one is a chocolate spice, and the other is caramel de sel.  The chocolate spice card is for J, and the inside reads “I love you more than chocolate spice donuts”. (And that’s really saying something!)

The caramel de sel donut card is for Mon of course! And the third card up at the top is for my Dad, who went to Tim Horton’s and ate a sour cream donut for me. (They are so good! But the closest Tim Horton’s to me is in Kentucky, ha ha!)

I had so much fun carving these! (And I carved a few more non-donut stamps too, can’t wait to share.)

Resources: The carving tool and pink carving blocks are both by Speedball. Colorbox chalk inks. Fabriano notecards. The book is a Japanese stamp carving book that I got in Tokyo. I think I’m finally getting the hang of carving stamps! And the photo overlays are from Katrina at Pugly Pixel. Thanks so much, Katrina!

Did you celebrate? I’d love to hear! And even if you didn’t celebrate, I’d love to hear what your favorite donuts are. (Notice I said favorites, with an “s” — I want to hear about them *all*!)

Happy hugs,

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