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Father’s Day cards!

This year I found the perfect papers to make cards for my Dad — and J’s Dad too! I’m so excited that I’m going to post them now instead of waiting until Sunday. (Dad, if you’re reading this then step away from the computer right now, ha ha!)

Okay, the rest of you can check them out!

When I spotted this Rocket Age paper from October Afternoon I let out a huge internal “GAH!” (Didn’t want to startle anyone.)

You see, my Dad used to take me to work with him when I was little. He was a computer operator back in the days of keypunch cards and computers the size of refridgerators. Have you heard of keypunch cards? I couldn’t get enough of them — maybe that’s where my love of paper began? The machines made a satisfying sound as they punched the cards, and I got to take as many home to play with as I wanted.

I ended up getting a degree in computer science and went to work at IBM, where they had keypunch cards to use as scrap paper in the supply cabinets. (They make great bookmarks! And are nice and thick for collage, too.)

This was all in the days when women didn’t “do” computers — there were only a handful of us in my whole graduating class. (Thanks to my Dad, I didn’t know that I wasn’t supposed to be a geeky computer nerd. Thanks, Dad! Although, you better not be reading this. :)

And then! Then I spotted another piece of October Afternoon paper from the 5 & Dime collection with a Dad, Mom, and a boy and a girl — perfect for J’s Dad! Yeah!

Just love it when cards come together!

Resources: Foil stars from the office supply store. Silver washi tape from MT, black and white polka dot tape by K & Co from their smash! line — love it so much! If you haven’t seen their video yet you gotta go check it out! Rocket Age papers and 5 & Dime by October Afternoon. I colored the family with Copic markers. The messages are all computer generated using marketing script and turn table fonts. I rubbed the edges of the family piece with tea dye distress ink by Ranger. Oh and! There’s silver glitter glue on the rocket. The kraft notecards are from Paper Source — love the bigger A7 size so more of the paper shows!

Have a geeky day,

21 thoughts on “Father’s Day cards!”

  1. *ahem* Maybe your Dad and I are the same age? I learned computers before punch cards. Ask your Dad about the oily tape stuff.

    In college we wrote our programs on punch cards. We had an express machine (5 cards or less) and the other one. Carried the cards in huge boxes. Numbered the cards. Heaven forbid you dropped them!

    Okay, now that we’ve established I am OLD, yes, they do make great bookmarks. And cards. :)
    leslie (crookedstamper) recently posted..SOS Challenge 4 – SOS

    1. Leslie, you crack me up! I’ve heard tales about dropping cards — that does NOT sound like fun! :)

      And no way you’re the same age as my Dad — I mean, he’s OLD! Ha ha ha!!! (Actually he seems the same as ever to me except for a some more gray hairs. I want to be like him when I grow up!)

  2. Oh my goodness, does this bring back memories! In my last year of college, I had a job doing something with those key-punch cards (can’t remember what). And yes, that computer was HUGE! What a fantastic idea, Lisa! Thanks for sharing these with us!
    Lin recently posted..Garden Party

  3. Love these cards! Love how you used those little star stickers too! As a teacher, I have tons of those, so I’ll have to copy you! Thanks!

  4. Totally love the keypunched cards for background layering ;)
    Makes me wish I could buy some as ephemera!!! Great for using on guy cards.
    Speaking of which, I totally need that Rocket Age pad. You’ve completely reminded me to get my paws on it. My hubby is astronomy/ physics/ science mad, so your cards are totally inspiring!
    Ruth S recently posted..Trend-Alert Tuesday- retro gadgets- part2

  5. Just a note! None of those who worked with computers in college are really old. When I was in college, there were no computers. Now! That’s old! Love your cards and the use of the computer paper! Another thought. My Dad is 98…now that’s old and I’m not! LOL We are so thankful his is still with us and in good health for his age.

  6. i totally remember seeing those key punch cards! your 2 father’s day cards are wonderful! i have some ‘vintage’ time cards….when i say some, i mean a ton of them! i know if anyone can come up with something fun to do with those, it would be you! i would love to send you some if you’d like! LMK :)
    ivy recently posted..busy busy

  7. Ah, Lisa – I had to have that Rocket Age paper pack because my hubby’s best lifetime friend is into comics. I plan to make his birthday card with it. You did so good here! I, too, carried punch cards around college…..we are all showing our age here! Would love to get my hands on some of those cards – they were so great for so many things! Thanks for sharing and inspiring.
    Maureen Morton recently posted..Fathers Day

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