Lotta Jansdotter Washi Tape + Sewing Kit

As you probably know, I’m thoroughly addicted to washi tape (also known as Japanese masking tape). I’ve been keeping a pinterest board dedicated to washi tape for a while now. (Are you on pinterest? Let me know, I’d love to follow you!)

I’m also a huge Lotta Jansdotter fan. (Actually, the first books that I owned about her are written in Japanese — how funny is that? I should post about them someday.)

So when I discovered that there was a new line of limited edition Lotta Jansdotter washi tape I just had to have some!

It comes in three colorways — the hardest part was figuring out what one to get!

And of course, while visiting her shop I had to pick up this sweet little sewing kit, too. Can’t wait until they get here!

Have you come across any new washi tape that you just “had to have” lately? I’d love to hear! And! I’m on the hunt for neon colors, do tell if you know of a source!

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  1. You don’t know how the words Lotta Jansdotter + Washi Tape makemy heart leap. Sadly I can’t find any on sale in the UK yet! :-D

  2. Delicious! I have a hard time resisting her bag of fabric remants and I love tape too :) I am off to check out your Pinterest boards! Mine are at : http://pinterest.com/creativity/

  3. Ooo, neon. . . .what ideas are floating around in that creative head of yours? That washi tape is so pretty! Have a great day, Lisa! :)

  4. I love Pinterest. It always gives me such an inspiration boost, whenever I look at it. [my pins may be found here: http://pinterest.com/avital/pins/ ]

  5. GAH! That tape looks yummy! This online shop has neon green and pink washi tape: http://www.omiyage.ca/product/shocking-green-mt-washi-tape

  6. I just went over to Lotta’s site to order some of that gorgeous tape, and now see she has a surface printing workshop in Sept that looks super fun! I love washi, and was going to give you the same site as Mon did for neon tape. My most recent purchase was this houndstooth: http://www.omiyage.ca/products?search=houndstooth

  7. hi lisa! i don’t have but 1 washi tape that i bught recently. it’s the black & white polka dots from the Smash book series.
    these lok so pretty! hope to add to my 1 tape soon!

  8. funny you mentioned Pinterest…you got me started and I just got back from helping a friend get started. I have to take it in small doses, too much eye candy can be overwhelming. I will be checking out your washi tape board.

  9. awww…. washi tapes by Lotta Jansdotter?? so cool! i love her fabric designs and have one of her books. thanks for the links, Lisa!

  10. Love the patterns and designs on these tapes. So far I have never used Washi Tape…but I would love to some day:)

    Hope you are feeling better Lisa.

  11. You turned me on to this great stuff, Lisa, and I am having fun using it! I am a new Washi Tape fan. Neon? Seriously?! Thanks for all you do to inspire and make me smile!

  12. Do you have some other good sources for Washi Tape?? I’d would love to know about them-I’m a Jansdotter fan, too!

    1. Hi Marci! I finally put together a list of where I buy washi tape — it’s all in this post.

  13. Lisa, looks like you had fun shopping! The washi tape is so pretty and I love the sweet little sewing kit too! I haven’t come across washi tapes in any shops here – just as well or I’d probably end up accumulating a stash in my craft corner, it’s bad enough as it is! It’s thanks to you that I heard about pinterest and my boards are here http://pinterest.com/heathermariad/ .

  14. Hi lisa,

    I think it was you that got me started on Washi tape in the first place!! I buy mine through Etsy…in particular from:




    …both of whom have neon colours I think.

    I also love the Lotta Jansdotter…I have the mint and the brown sets…..so pretty!

    Best wishes,

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