Cute visitors!

Hey you guys! Did you have a good weekend? I sure did! I got to do some sewing, can’t wait to show you what I made! (First time sewing since the knee surgery, yah!)

But today I wanted you to meet some cute garden visitors! First up, Mr. Oriole:

He was snacking on some grapes growing right outside our kitchen window when I came home from PT. This is the first time EVER that we’ve had an oriole visit the yard! So exciting! I feel kinda bad for them, look at how small our grapes are this year. We sure need rain — want to send us some?

He and Mrs. Oriole are both super camera shy — this is the best photo I have of him, and I didn’t get any of Mrs. O. Hoping that they visit again tomorrow so I can try for a better shot!

While I was waiting for a shot of the O’s, this feisty little hummingbird made an appearance.

Love watching them so much, I’m always sad when they leave for the summer. Look at how dry the flame acanthus is, too. Boy oh boy do we need rain.

And! My knee is definitely on the mend! I don’t think I’ll be running any marathons just yet, but I was so excited to get a photo of Mr. O that I found myself walking upstairs normally for the first time in *months* to get the camera! I haven’t been able to do it since March! Usually I go up on my good leg and just let the bad one kinda follow along, step by step. But today I went up one foot after the other — and it didn’t hurt! YES! And in even more news, I rode the bike at PT for 10 minutes today! It was a huge effort to get the pedals to go ’round, but it felt so good this time. (The first time was pretty painful.)

Hope you have some fun unexpected visitors today too,

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  1. Hi, Lisa! Oh my goodness, these photos are amazing! So glad you shared them! It’s really good to hear that your knee is doing so well too! I had a fun and fab weekend too. Went to Scrapfest! Take care and hugs to you! :)

  2. Love the pics. I haven’t seen a hummingbird for a couple weeks. Glad to hear you knee is feeling good, it won’t be long until you are riding your bike or hiking up Enchanted Rock. Love, MOM

  3. barbara lassiter says:

    I haven’t been able to get pictures of them but we’ve had beautiful goldfinches dining on the coneflowers by our front steps all summer long.The coneflowers look pretty sad by now but I leave them until all the seeds are gone. It’s an awkward location to try for a picture but I wish I could get one. They are so gorgeous.
    I’m so glad your knee is that much better!!!!

  4. Hi Lisa, I’m so happy to hear the great news about your knee, what a blessing to be on your way to being pain-free!
    Loving your amazing photography…absolutely incredible! I have hummingbirds and wild parrots that spend time in my backyard.
    I totally enjoyed my weekend, I taught 2 stamping classes at Stamp Fever and then spent some time with my brand new grandson!

  5. Fabulous bird pictures Lisa, really love the fiesty hummingbird! Glad to hear your knee is getting better!

  6. It’s always such a treat to see the elusive Orioles! And I would love to send rain your way, we have received way more than the record for the year already.. I’m so tired of it (and the dang mosquitos that seem to multiply with every drop!). Glad to hear you are seeing improvement with your knee!

  7. Lisa I am so glad that you are up and doing things! YAY!!! I love your garden visitors. I absolutely love to watch birds!!! At our old house we had a Baltimore Oriole couple. The kids and I watched them all the time. One day when outside on the back porch my daughter then 4 came out and we had a conversation that went like this:

    Faith: “Mommy where’s the cookie bird?”
    Me: “What cookie bird?”
    Faith: “you know…the Baltimore OREO” !

    lol. You brought back good memories today. I even when and looked at the scrapbook layout that I did documenting that conversation. Thank you for the good memory today.

    Can’t wait to see what you sewed!!! So happy you are healing well. :) HUGS!

  8. So glad to hear you are on the mend.

    I am super jealous of your birdie visitors. I live in Maryland (where our state bird is the Baltimore Oriole) and I’ve never seen an oriole up close! I’ve had a few hummingbird visitors, but they always fly away before I can get my camera out. Do you keep one at the ready in your kitchen?

    thanks for the pics.

  9. Love your birdie pics! I never manage to grab my camera in time to capture any of our garden visitors ;)
    Good to hear your knee is coming along nicely and good progress with the PT, Rx

  10. oh lisa, your photos of the birds are wonderful! glad your knee is better!

  11. Hey Lisa. These are some great pictures. I don’t think there is any reason to feel bad about having to small grapes. Considering the size of mr. Oriole. Maybe you could compare it to the size of an apple for a human.

  12. Amazing capture from your kitchen! Simply breathtaking! Love love the photos you share!

  13. Good thing you have captured the cute bird!!

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