Minty Fresh + Tree Bombing!

Hi all! It was 28 when I woke up this morning — that is COLD for Texas! (And I had PT and had to wear shorts! brrrrrr.)

So I was feeling rather minty fresh and decided to give the ole blog a new background using Stripe Generator.

And then! That reminded me of some freshly tree-bombed junipers that I spotted yesterday!

Do you have tree-bombers where you live? That’s what I call people who go out and decorate junipers along the roadsides. Kinda like yarn bombing but with garland, ornaments and such. I gotta try and get a better picture of these trees — you can’t really tell but the tree on the left looks like The Grinch — complete with his dog Max!

We also have Rudolph-bombers — these are the folks that go out and put red dots on the noses of all the deer in the deer crossing signs. Ha!

Merry merry,

5 Replies to “Minty Fresh + Tree Bombing!”

  1. Oh man this makes me miss Austin!! Haven’t noticed any tree bombers here. Bah humbug! Maybe I need to bring the tradition to Georgia… ;-) (PS… Tree-bombing! HA! Never thought of calling it that!)

  2. Lisa, I’ve noticed these decorated trees when we come for visits in Austin! Didn’t know there was a name for it :)) And TWENTY EIGHT degrees???? Holy cow, that IS cold for you! I’m not sure it was that cold here last night! Merry Christmas, LIsa!

  3. Wow I WISH we had tree bombers!!! That’s such a nice idea, that someone would just randomly add Christmas cheer to the world!! Definitely gonna have to add Austin to my list of must see cities if I ever get to the USA!!

  4. Oh, that is tooo funny, Lisa…I have never heard of tree bombers before…I’ll be on the lookout now! :) So fun! Wow, don’t know if I could survive in 28 degree weather, eeks!

  5. We love hearing from you and all your areas of interest. Was starting to worry about how you were doing. Just glad you’re back with your unique cards and photos. Never knew there was a category of people called tree bombers. It made me smile.

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