Happy February!

Hi you guys! Can you believe it’s February already? I sure can’t. And I can’t believe this is my first blog post of the year! (Hanging my head in shame over here.)

Hope that you can forgive me, I’ve been going through a super rough patch. You see, I had knee surgery back in August (read all about it here, don’t worry there’s no blood and gore ha!). And all was going fine up until a few weeks ago. That’s when I started having these horrible burning pains like hot knives stabbing me whenever I walked. Kinda feels like my leg is being dipped in molton lava and it’s dissolving. It is awful, worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life. Kinda put a damper on most things.

After x-rays, a CT scan, and an MRI the doc figured out that it’s nerve damage from the surgery. I’m taking medicine for it, have to ramp up and won’t have the full dose for 2 more weeks yet. But it seems to be getting better — cross your fingers! It’s so good to be able to walk again. And even sit, for that matter. Up until the last few days I’ve been stuck having to keep my leg straight so that the nerve didn’t get set off.

I didn’t get to go to CHA this year, made me so sad not to see everyone. But! I made some cards for the Studio Calico booth using new stamps that Hero Arts makes for them — these are so awesome, just love them! Above are the scraps from some of the cards. I’ll be sharing more over the next few days. So happy to be back!

Missed all of you,

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  1. Sending positive thoughts for a good recovery! Missed your posts & can’t wait to see your new cards. ;-)

  2. Good to see you back on the blog, Lisa! :)

  3. You’re back! Woohoo!! Hope all goes well with the healing process. The picture is a terrific tease of things to come. So glad you are able to play with the new goodies.

  4. I have missed you so much, Lisa! And often wondered where you were. So sorry to hear about your knee problems, you poor thing! It’s good to know the meds seem to be helping. The pain you described sounds so horrible!

    Looking forward to more blog posts from you now – I can’t wait to see the cards you created for CHA! Sending you lots and lots of big hugs! :)

  5. I saw the your cards on the Studio Calico pictures. So in a way you were at CHA. Glad the knee is feeling better. Love, MOM

  6. Thanks for the update! I have been thinking about you and your knee! Glad to hear things are looking up for you! Can’t wait to see your new cards with these yummy paper and flowers! HUGS!

  7. Linda C. Baker says: Reply

    so sorry to hear about your physical problems. hope you are back to normal soon.

  8. So glad to hear from you – so sorry you have had such a bummer of a time. You have the right attitude, so I know you will soon be dancin’ on tables – ha! Love the pic you showed of your cards at CHA. Love that splatter background with the butterflies! Take good care – you are in my thoughts!

  9. Lisa!!! I was just thinking about you, wondering how you were and what you were up to!!

    I’m so sorry to hear your knee has been causing you trouble!! It seemed to be going so well!

    I hope everything gets much better really soon . I’ve missed hearing from you so much!!

    Sendingg Love & healing thoughts
    Linda xx

  10. Gosh, I hope the medicines help you out soon! Take care. Looking forward to seeing your latest cards…. *smile*

  11. Certainly looks like it . . . love what you’ve done with the butterflies.
    Hope that knee heals soon.

  12. Hi Lisa! So sorry to hear you are having so much trouble. We missed you lots. I hope your knee gets a lot better real soon.

  13. I’ve missed your blog posts. Hope you will be better soon.

  14. Sending You Big Huge Hugs Girl……I know what nerve pain feels like and I don’t wish it on Anyone…it is AWFUL!! Hope you continue to get better each day!!! :)

  15. Oh boy, I sure do empathize.. I’ve had numerous problems with nerves, fortunately, only one is permanent and it’s not debilitating. I’ve had to deal with the Neurontin and other nerve meds.. Sure hope it gets better for you!

  16. Sooooo happy to have you back, Lisa!!! Really missed Sideoats and Scribbles…Really glad that you are getting better…keep it up!!!

  17. So sorry to hear about your rough patch, Lisa. Hope things are looking up for you!

  18. barbara lassiter says: Reply

    I wondered when you didn’t post for such a long time, if you were still having problems with your knee! I’m so sorry to hear that was the case. Hopefully you are really on the right path this time and will have a complete recovery. Blessings to you and wishes for you to get better!

  19. Lisa … sending healing wishes for your knee. I had knee surgery last May and I’m still having problems also. Hang in there!

    I think there’s going to be wonderful card made from the picture you posted.

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