9 Replies to “Pom pom flower!”

  1. I commented on the HA blog, but had to come by here and give another yippee! Love this flower and what you’ve done to make this great poofy pom-pom. Thanks for the links, too. Adorable!!

  2. janet Wilson says:

    I wondered who made this adorable pompom card :) Looks fabulous on that glorious flower!

  3. very cute…love how you added the twine…

  4. I loved seeing your card on the HA blog this morning, Lisa! That pom-pom is the cutest!! Great tip too on how to make one – thanks! :)

  5. a-dorable…off to check it out:)

  6. love this cute and delightful card, Lisa!

  7. This is absolutely ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lisa, this is a fabulous idea! You have been my stamping idol since I was a newbie!

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