Our 15 year anniversary!

15 years ago today I married my soulmate and best friend, Jason. Just can’t believe how fast time has flown by! I guess it’s really true what they say — time flies when you’re having fun!

AND, I had extra fun making him an anniversary card — here’s a little peek:

I gave it to J while we were staying at a little cabin near Riding Mountain national park in Manitoba, Canada. He really loved it!

To see the whole card, click on over to the BasicGrey blog where you’ll find a little tutorial on how to make your own typewriter keys.


See ya there,

11 Replies to “Our 15 year anniversary!”

  1. Wow Lisa – this card is GORGEOUS, and your photo tutorial is fab. What a great idea. Your typewriter keys are so pretty and shiny. You always make me look at my supplies in new ways. Hope you are well. HUGS. xxx

  2. Becs Attwood says:

    Congrats on 15 years – hope you have a great day! What a fabulous card to celebrate this occasion – love the tutorial over at the BG blog, thanks for sharing.

  3. Happy anniversary!!

  4. Happy Anniversary, Lisa! Here’s to at least 45 more!! (My parents celebrated their 67th anniversary this June!! Still living at home…….)

  5. Happy Anniversary, LIsa! Thanks for the fun tutorial.

  6. Happy anniversary, Lisa!

    My father was born in a small Manitoba town right next to that Canadian national park.

    How did a Texan couple end up there on vacation? I hope you enjoyed your time in Canada. ;-)

  7. barbara lassiter says:

    Wow! That is so great. I wish you many, many more Happy Anniversaries!!!! We can hardly believe it but we celebrated our 50th anniversary this year in June! It goes by so fast!!!

  8. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous!! LOVE the tab and how you stitched it on, and typewriter keys.. I’ll have to go see how you made these too! You are a wealth of crafty know – how! Congrats btw on your anniversary!

  9. happy anniversary!

    fab card…off to check it out:)

  10. Happy Anniversary Lisa and Jason! You two are the perfect couple, so cute together!

  11. Karen at Art Plus says:

    Happy Anniversary, Lisa!

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