Coffee is…

Coffee is liquid sunshine to me. How about you?



If you follow me on instagram, you may have seen these first two images…then this morning I thought it needed a little something so added the “coffee is” and the coffe rings. The coffe ring stamp is  from this Studio Calico set (love!). The alphabet is an oldie but goodie from Hero Arts (I suggested an alternative in the supply list).



The row of paper at the bottom of the piece is actually from something I made for Online Card Classes Pattern Play Class — have you signed up yet? Class just started yesterday and you have forever access to the class, so why not join us? :-D

And in case you were wondering, here’s a little bit about the process:

  • It all started out with a piece of heavy white cardstock cut to the size of a notecard. Then I grabbed some buttercup Mister Huey’s and brushed it on, but decided it was too bright so added a layer of Claudine’s blank canvas white paint.
  • Next I stamped the collage background with gray flannel. Thought it needed some more white, so grabbed a piece of notebook paper and used the edge as a stencil to add  more white paint. (You can see it a little in the second photo.)
  • Then I cut the mug out of a security envelope and added it with gel medium, then outlined it with a black pen.
  • I sketched the flowers with pencil first and then colored with watercolors (just a set of cheap old crayolas!), but then I decided to use patterned paper for one of the flowers, so I grabbed a scrap of Sundrifter and brushed it with watered down white paint, then when it dried I cut it out, added some dimension with watercolor pencil and outlined it. Adhered it with gel medium too.
  • I made the flower centers blue and added a little blue paint to the upper left corner to tie it all together.
  • Typed the “liquid sunshine” with my trusty typewriter. :)
  • Then this morning I added the coffee rings and the “coffee is” and that was that. Btw, I needed more coffee when I stamped the “coffee” because I used an “i” for the first “f” oops! I just stamped over it — figured it added to it, somehow ha.

Was so fun to just play around. Wishing you a day full of sunshine!


14 Replies to “Coffee is…”

  1. Loooooove this! As I sit here sipping my Starbucks unsweet ice coffee with soy. :-)

    1. Awww thanks Libby!!! Wish I was there with you!!! xo

  2. So funny. Lisa – I grabbed my cup full before sitting down to see what you are up to! I feel so connected! Love this card…….it looks so Berkeley, if you know what I mean (I bet you do). So much earthy goodness. Loving both classes (your wonderful one and paper play) – busy, but happy, girl here. Hugs!

  3. I’ve got my pipin’ hot coffee cup in hand as I read your post, Lisa! Love this fun card! Your background turned out soooo cool looking! :)

  4. barbara lassiter says:

    I’m more of a tea drinker than a coffee drinker but your cute card makes me want a cup of coffee! I have that background stamp and though it’s new, I’ve already used it a lot. I think I may have to create my version of your card, just because I like it so much. Have a great day! And thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  5. liquid sunshine…love it.

  6. janet Wilson says:

    Great background, Lisa – how creative to add the “coffee ring”! Totally agree with the sentiment too, can’t start my day without a cup :)

  7. Virginia L. says:

    I am having a cup of Liquid Sunshine as I type….I love the colors and misting layering in this one–just about everything! Uber cool, Lisa!

  8. Liquid Sunshine, yay! I had mine in this stormy, raining, grey looking sky this morning. Love your fun card, Lisa.

  9. We call coffee “the elixir of life” around our place! Such a sunny project Lisa! Goes just right with our spring snow dump of a foot plus…and the sparkling sunshine the morning after!

  10. Barb Ghigliotty says:

    You are so clever, Lisa! I love, love, love how you created this card! The whimsical blooms and sentiment make it so fun! I love how you created so much texture on the card base, too! Thanks so much for sharing your process with us…you are such a sweetheart :-)
    I’m looking forward to seeing you in the Pattern Play class…also, I’m truly enjoying “You’ve Got Mail”! I love watching your videos, and try to never miss out on an opportunity to take a class when you are one of the ‘Professor’s”…(((HUGS))) to you!

  11. awesome collage! thanks so much for sharing the process. love the layered look and yes, coffee is sunshine! =)

  12. Love this card, especially after the addition of the coffee rings and “coffee is” to the sentiment. It was nice before, but you showed what kicking it up just a notch can do to enhance a card. I love all the texture. The only thing that bothered me is that I had to put down MY cup of coffee to type this!!! ;-) From the comments, it appears as if a lot of us do our blog reading with a cup of coffee or tea in hand. I can see it now: someone writing their thesis on it or applying for a government grant to study it….

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