I’m a paper junkie.

Yep, all kinds of paper — new, old, bought and found! But my favorites are the ones I save from everyday life. Like a map that we used while at Big Bend National Park back in in February. I made it into a card that I plan on giving to J. Find out all about it HERE on the Hero Arts blog!



And here’s some fun behind-the-scenes facts — the map that is on the card truly has a LOT of miles on it — as does the card, no wonder it has a little bent corner doh!

  • First the map got to Big Bend National Park, somehow (unknown where it was printed and how it got there, ha!). Big Bend National park is pretty remote, tho.
  • Then we drove it all around the park — the park is HUGE in case you didn’t know…
  • Then it went to the Davis Mountains, about an hour and a half drive
  • From there it came home with us to Austin, another 8 hours
  • Then I made it into a card and sent it to Hero Arts in California for the catalog
  • I didn’t have a chance to photo it by itself, so Jackie sent it back to me. (You may have noticed it on page 3 of the Stamp Your Story catalog along with Sally’s mini book! I took that photo when I was doing group shots.)
  • After I photo’d it, I sent it back to Hero where it will be used for a display in a show

Wonder where it will go next? Sure wish I had all those miles in frequent flier points, ha! :)

The best thing is that I can easily make this card — or any other card — again since I have a scan of the paper. Yay!

Anyhow, see you over there on the Hero Arts blog!


8 thoughts on “I’m a paper junkie.”

  1. I just saw the card on the Hero blog and I knew it looked familiar. I had checked it out in the catalogue to see if there was a map stamp like that!!!!! I love map stamps and maps and your story of the map and the card is great. I’m glad I checked your blog and found out the true story!!!!!

  2. Just discovered your blog and LOVE it! Such great ideas! I’m a paper junkie too so it’s always great to find another!!! Thanks for lots of inspirational ideas! Look forward to checking out your blog in future.

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