Leading Ladies IG Hop (+ PRIZES!)

Hey all! Mother’s Day is Sunday, and we’re celebrating all week long at Ellen Hutson with the Leading Ladies stamps! Today we’ve got a hop going on over on instagram, hope you’ll join us! PS — there are PRIZES!

I wanted to post my card here on the blog-o so that I could share a few quick tips and the supply list. I love me some instagram but sometimes I have too much to say, lol!

So, here’s the card again if ya haven’t seen it already:

And here are some quick tips:

  • I love how you can customize the leading ladies by coloring them for your recipient — in this case I colored the Baker Lady for J’s mom :)
  • Don’t get too fussy over skin tones — there are tons of tutorials out there, but I decided to just make a light peachy flesh color with my trusty Naples yellow, Indian red, burnt sienna and a touch of quinacridone rose. I used a super watery mix and then let it dry and added just a hint of shading. My theory is that if you get the hair color right then you’re good to go!
  • Decorate the clothing — here I made some lil strawberries but you can totally keep it simple and just make some stripes or polka dots, or stay classy with white. Here I added a bit of shading to her white shirt with a mix of burnt sienna + ultramarine blue.
  • Speaking of clothing, I trimmed off the bottom of her apron so I had more room on the card for all of the baking equipment. Then I grounded her with a border from the Painted Stripes set — love how the tiki torch ink looks on pink cardstock.
  • Whenever I use a letter dies like the EBE Classic Block Alpha I’m always on the lookout for something fun to add to the centers of “O’s”! Here a spoon did the trick!

Annnnnnd my last tip: don’t forget about the inside of the card! :)

I couldn’t make that piping bag fit on the outside of the card, and then it hit me to put it on the *inside* — yeah!


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Find alllll the Leading Ladies right HERE!

Join us for the hop right HERE — you don’t want to miss it, so many awesome cards — and there are PRIZES, too!

Wishing an (early) Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! xoxo

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    I love this baker lady mom!

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