Thank YOU, Prussian Blue!

Hi all! I’m back with another post about Prussian blue watercolor. This time I’m joining my friend Sandy over on the Ellen Hutson blog where we have two cards for you, and two videos, too!

Here’s mine:

Find a video HERE in my instagram stories where I make the card. I added it to my highlights for ya too! It’s kind of mesmerizing watching that paint move around!

Pro tip: if you’re impatient to get started painting, just do like I do and work on an old rag instead of bothering to tape your paper down. It might curl a little, but it will flatten right back out as it dries.

I had so much fun making this card — I plan to give it to J’s Grandma to thank her for getting us an Amazon gift card for Christmas!

Join us over on the Ellen Hutson blog for more — hope to see ya there!


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