It was so sunny and pretty out this morning that I just had to go for a bike ride before starting on dinner!

Come ride with me on a 15 mile cruise through the neighborhood — starting out with this Phlox growing by our front door!

First stop was to take a picture of some antique looking roses that are peeking through a fence — they always make me smile when I ride past!

Then I saw the Easter Bunny and his friends!

This house always has cool decorations — you should see it at Halloween! And Christmas!

The neighbors must be used to people taking pictures of that house because after they backed out of their driveway they saw my camera and stopped to let me take the picture!

A few miles later and I came to this house with tons of wildflowers growing along the curb.

Note that these are not native Texas plants — but I still think they’re pretty. Jason doesn’t like ’em though! There are larkspur, holly hocks, and red poppies.

Onwards to another scene that always makes me smile!

Wonder if anyone ever sits in these chairs? Ha ha!

Next up is my own personal Eiffel Tower! You might have to use your imagination for this one — and if you’re not a big cycling fan this won’t make much sense — so here’s an explanation!

The Tour de France is a three week stage race that circles France. It starts in different cities but always ends in Paris, making a circuit past the Eiffel Tower and the Arc of Triumph! Seeing the Eiffel Tower must be a welcome sight to Tour riders!

I can tell you that after long rides this is a very welcome sight to me — it means I’m not far from home!

Here’s a shot of my bike next to a yard with many native Texas plants including red yucca, which actually is not a yucca at all — it’s in the lily family!

I’m almost at the end of this tale — here’s my bike in front of our door!

All of the plants that you see here are native Texas plants! The yellow flowers up near the door are called Englemann Daisy, and the big lush green ones in the foreground are Gayfeathers — the purple flower spikes will appear in August. Jason and I put in that limestone stepping stone and crushed granite path back in 2001. We collected the limestone stepping stones from various plant rescue sites — with permission of course — they are naturally like that!

Finally, here’s our Easter dinner!

We had corn, Quorn roast, homemade noodles, glazed carrots, and salad! Those are our Fiesta Daisy dishes — they were made around 1968 — along with new Fiesta dishes in peacock and white!

Hope you enjoyed the photo tour of my Easter morning!

8 Replies to “Easter!”

  1. What a wonderful photo tour!!! Am trying to at least be able to pick my favorite picture of the bunch, but all are so awesome, that I just can’t do it, ok maybe the “hanging chairs” one :-) Thanks for letting us “see” through your eyes.

  2. Nice photo’s looks like you had fun.

  3. Louise Burns says:

    I loved your Easter Ride. Fun ideas and I learned something, too. Jason is such a purist. Makes me think I should do more about planting native flowers and greens. For 15 miles you certainly found wonderful scenes. Plus, you have a fab bike.

  4. Thanks Louise! I have an 8 mile loop, a 3 miler, and two 2 milers through my neighborhood, so if I ride ’em all I get 15 miles. Keeps things interesting! I go past 3 parks and 2 schools too! Traffic usually isn’t bad either. It has gentle hills with a few short and steep ones — I’ll have to go on a ride in another neighborhood close to mine that has a bunch of longer/steeper hills and take pics from there soon!

  5. I definitely recognize the Eiffel Tower, that’s a very interesting thought. And the photo next to it. They are all so pretty. Thanks for sharing your tour, I can’t keep smiling when reading through it.

  6. Loved the Tour. I too love to photograph flowers but haven’t been able to for a couple of years. I think the path to your home is super. Expect garden fairies and gnomes to bounce out from the flowers. I do have a vivid imagination:)

  7. Hey your bike is sneaking into all the pictures! Ha ha
    Happy Easter. Miss you.

  8. Hey so is this the last time you rode your bike ? I sure hope not… Is that ankle all better now ?

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