Want to smile?


Hi everyone!  I’d like you to meet Olympia — a sweet little owlet that I started during the Olympics and just finished this morning.  (Yes, my life has been crazy lately, ha ha!)

Olympia is flying off to live with my friend Emily, who makes amazing flower corsage pins out of recycled sweaters.  They are so soft and pretty.  I feel so lucky to have one, and wearing it really makes me feel happy! (Emily makes other super cool felty things, and she’s a stamper, too!  You should grab a cup of tea and check out her site. And! Emily passed along this video where she learned how to make the flowers.)

So of course, I had to make a flower for Olympia, too.


(Supplies: It’s been a while since I’ve shown an owlet — here are more! And, this is the pattern that I use, but I’ve modified it a bit.  I found that super fun packing tape from Torendi — Olympia was sitting inside it on my desk and I thought it would make a great picture — totally unplanned, hee hee.  The tape is designed by Shinzi Katoh — one of my favorite designers, love everything that he does.)

What has made you smile today?  I’d love to hear!

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  1. That is WAY too cute Lisa!

  2. So incredibly cute! It really made me smile indeed!

  3. So adorable!  Love the little flower in the owlet’s hair :)

  4. adorable!!!!  so cute peeking out of the tape roll :)

  5. I love those Owls – so cute Lisa! This one definitely made me smile today also – I’ve printed the pattern when I first saw these on your lovely blog – but I still need to dig out that yarn and sticks…. Love how you dressed up Olympia with the flowers…

  6. What an adorable owlet!  I have been looking for some simple patterns to make stuffed toys for the children’s hospital at NIH (the National Institutes of Health). Most of the toy patterns require a lot of sewing, which I don’t enjoy doing.  But these owlets are perfect!!  What kinds of changes did you make to the pattern?  I love the ears on yours–are they your own design?

  7. I have a blog and today when I got home I had my first visitor from the Russian Federation. I have just put a widget on there that lets me know where my visitors are from and every time I get a new country I have a mini celebration. my hubby thinks I’m silly but it does bring a smile to my face! love the felted flowers video.

  8. this post totally made me smile!

  9. Okay, Olympia DID make me smile…love your little owlets…they are just toooo sweet!!!

  10. SO cute!  The flower on Olympia is TOO cute!  Ack!

  11. So cute Lisa! I love Shinzi Katoh as well. Just got some of his stationary at Ginko Papers!

  12. she looks so adorable popping out of the tape!

  13. What a cutie!! And that little flower … :)

  14. Wow, both of the flowers are gorgeous, so fun!

  15. Awww Olympia makes me smile!  She’s so sweet – can’t wait to see her in person!  hugs!

  16. donna mikasa says:

    cuteness!  olympia made me smile BIG!  =)

  17. This owl is the cutest!! This post made me smile big time! :)

  18. awww… Olympia is such a cutie! i love the little flower she wears, just too sweet! she makes me smile! =)

  19. Awwww……..soooo flippin ADORABLE!!

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