The view from my kitchen window.


Mmmmm, all that fresh green growth makes me hungry for asparagus and a salad made with fresh spring lettuces.


And the wild garlic and onions popping up make me hungry for my famous springtime omelet.  Wild garlic and onions are so pretty and delicate.  And tasty!

How about you, does it make you hungry too?

I love spring!

17 Replies to “The view from my kitchen window.”

  1. Beautiful! I love all your photographs. They take my breath away.

  2. I love spring too, great pictures!

  3. Beautiful greenery!  So pretty! I also associate colors with food all the time!  It helps me create and choose my color combos for a card.

  4. Wow – you have a lot more growth than us!!!  We have snow forecast for later this week.  And I just planted lots of new plants yesterday… oh no.
    Gorgeous gorgeous photos as always – so inspiring.

  5. So so pretty! I LOVE the photos!

  6. What a gorgeous view from your window (and I have to say that you take beautiful photos!).  I’m looking at rain right now…sigh :)

  7. Just wonderful!  I had no idea that wild garlic & onions look like that!

  8. Absolutely gorgeous!

  9. I’m afraid I’m always hungry…ha ha!  Love your beautiful springtime photos, Lisa!

  10. Mmm a springtime omelet sounds wonderful. Beautiful pictures…and great blog!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great day :)

  11. Oh, dear, so hungry…;)…Love your wonderful pictures. I wish you a great week and a happy easter weekend with your family…hugs…;)…

  12. LOL! I am almost always hungry like Nancy! just ask my husband! =) LOVE the view from your kitchen window. ahhh…. must be nice to be able to see those beauties everyday! Are the flowers in the second photo wild garlic/onion? since you mentioned them. and sorry about my poor knowledge in flowers and trees. =)

    1. Hi Alice! Those are wild garlic, we have them growing in the garden, yum yum yum! :)

  13. Great Photo’s Lisa…I Love all the colors of Spring too!!

  14. Awesome photos, Lisa! I’ve never seen wild garlic. A springtime omelet sounds good.

  15. Oh my gosh, this is NOT helping my spring fever!  I just downloaded a few photos I took two days ago from my kitchen window too – the branches here were covered in snow!  ;)

  16. love your flowers, herbs and trees … french omelets are nice too and spring flowers’ salad from the garden are so tasty … have a look:ées/2010/2/20_miam%2C_surprise!…..htmlées/2010/4/10_booster_de_printemps….htmlées/2010/3/25_salade_fleurie_du_jardin….html

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