What a surprise…

…it rained again.  Not that I’m complaining, mind you.  We need all the rain we can get!  And soon it will be in the 100’s and so dry that even the rocks will be thirsty.  But, it does make it rather challenging to get spring flower photos.  So.  I put on my rain jacket with the big hood and out I went!

Just to prove that it was raining, check out the driveway, ha!


It really does make things lovely though, doesn’t it?


The colors were all saturated


The rain lilies made a rare appearance — they only bloom when we have rain.  And sometimes not even then.


The lyre leaf sage was singing in the rain (sorry, couldn’t resist).


And the jewel of them all?  Bluebonnet leaves.


Hope your weekend is full of nice surprises,

27 Replies to “What a surprise…”

  1. wow, that last photo is amazing! :) 

    rain is lovely when you’re able to enjoy it

  2. Ohh, wow… these pics are GORGEOUS!!!!
    I’ve been dying to get a new camera so I can take fantastic pictures too! I’m so jealous! haha… Great shots! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Wow!  Your photography is amazing.  Especially your last picture, absolutely stunning!!!

  4. Lisa your photos are seriously AMAZING!!  That last photo is unreal – it’s stunning!  You’re making me appreciate rain more after it rained most of the weekend :)  (btw, an email will be heading your way this evening)

  5. These are SO lovely!

  6. Your photos always blow me away! Absolutely gorgeous!

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