Spring cleaning giveaway!

Hi you guys! I’ve been busy cleaning out my crafty area to make room for new Hero Arts stamps (check out the Hero Arts blog on Monday to see them, can’t wait!). I found a bunch of stamps that I have duplicates of, plus some oldies but goodies, plus some buttons and flower embellishments. Here’s just a little sampling:

So, how about a giveaway!

To enter, leave me a comment with something you love about spring! I am going to limit the giveaway to US residents only, as I plan to get a BIG flat-rate postage box and cram it full of lotsa stampy goodness.

I’ll announce the random winner on Friday.

Here’s just a few things that I love about spring to get things rolling: the birds are singing, our wonderful Texas wildflowers are blooming (yep, even in this drought we’re having!), Miss Plum blooms her head off, it’s perfect for bike riding and kite flying, and the wild onions are tender and tasty (perfect for omelettes). Oh and strawberries and asparagus are in season. Yum.

Can’t wait to see your comments! And! For an extra chance to win, subscribe to my blog feed and leave a second comment to let me know that you signed up. Already a subscriber? Leave me a second comment and let me know that, too. Yay!

166 Replies to “Spring cleaning giveaway!”

  1. Spring isn’t my favorite season, but I love that it finally warms up enough to start wearing open-toe shoes.

  2. And I love seeing your posts come up in Google Reader. They’re always so inspiring!

  3. Awesome stamps! I love the smell of spring! Along with the sounds of the birds and the shoots of green coming through the earth!

  4. Being a transplanted Texan, I love the spring wildflowers, too! I also love the return of the Texas 1015 onions and sunshine. Thanks for asking!!

  5. I have subscribed to your blog for a long time now. Thanks for the second chance to win!

  6. Hi Lisa…I love sooooo much about Spring…fun spring cards to make, bird song in the early morn, all the trees getting new leaves and buds and especially NO SNOW!!!!

  7. Hi again Lisa…I have been a long time blog subscriber…does that qualify me to win a second time also??? Thanks for the opportunity to get some great Hero Arts stamps and stuff…

    1. Hi Bev! Yep that qualifies. Thanks so much for being a subscriber! Hugs! :)

  8. Sharon D from Canada says:

    Please count me out of your sweet giveaway (just like my screen name says, I’m not in the US). There are so many things I love about spring: the first crocuses (croci?) peeking out through the snow and dead grass, the first chirpy robin, and especially the bright and fresh green ‘haze’ of new leaves on the trees!

  9. I so love spring! I love it when I catch the sweet scent of spring blossoms in the air, the hum of the lawn mowers when everyone starts cutting their grass again, the birds chirping in the morning…and when our local fruit/veggie stand opens for the season!

  10. I also already subscribe to your blog. LOVE IT!

  11. Forgot to comment that you’re in my google reader too :)

  12. Christina L. says:

    The best thing about spring around here is that the quails return to my backyard and start hatching their chicks. I just love to watch them grow and learn to fly. It happens every year, but I never get tired of it. :) Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  13. There are many reasons why I love Spring. Here are my top 3!
    3. The smell. NOthing smells better than a Spring day!
    2. The sound af the morning doves that come back to build a nest near our chimney every year!
    1. New Hero Arts stamps. No explanation needed for this one!

  14. I love when everything comes back to life. The trees bloom out and the spring bulbs pop out and the gorgeous flowers appear.

  15. Well I’m not in the US so please don’t count me for your giveaway, but I wanted to say that it’s lovely to read everyone’s fun springtime comments! I love the start of spring with warmer days all the leaf buds on the trees just popping out, and the flower heads starting to dazzle us again with cheery colours ;)
    I can tell someone is going to have fun with those adorable stamps! Hugs, Ruth S

  16. margaret gurney says:

    The thing I like about spring is the way my spirit opens up, and blooms again with hope.
    Every greening bud, every pretty petal, every blade of grass is telling me that there are new beginnings everywhere, that the light will shine longer and longer, and that the world is such a place of renewal and beauty that is must be embraced with my whole heart.

    Thank you for your offer to share your extras..

  17. Barbara King says:

    The things I love the most are the birds coming back to the feeders and their singing. Everthing turning green. I hate BROWN! and sitting outside with my dog while she chases squirrels.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. My favorite thing about spring is being able to go outside to play, walk or ride bikes with the family. We also love to have dinners together outside! Love spring!!!

  19. Lisa, I just signed up for your subscription via e- mail. Another reason I look forward to spring … My dog is so happy to spend time outside in nice weather after a long winter.

  20. Wow, Lisa… thank you so much for such generous giveaway. I dream about that sleepy fox. :) What I love about spring is definitely the warmer weather, cause that means I can start going to the beach again, I get to enjoy our backyard with the doggies, and flowers! Love seeing flowers popping everywhere.

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