A crochet cupcake for a sweet friend.

Hi you guys! This is my first attempt at a crochet cupcake. What do you think? Is she good enough to eat? :)

I’m going to mail her as part of the Make-It & Mail-It Challenge #2, so I had to take a few pictures to remember her by. (Not saying who she’s for in case she sees this.) (And sure hope you will have time to join in the challenge! It’s not just for cards, feel free to make and mail anything you like.)

(Resources: The crochet pattern is from Amigurumi World: Seriously Cute Crochet by Ana Paula Rimoli. I love this book so much, I want to make everything in it! Amigurumi is a kind of crochet in the round that is popular in Japan — I first found out about it while I was browsing a bookstore in Tokyo. I litterlly squealed with delight when I  first saw it, startling quiet shoppers! But it was all in Japanese and I’m not that good at crochet yet. I was so happy when I found this book in English! Beads  and paper doily are from the craft store. The eyes were hard to come by, but I finally found some at Hobby Lobby. The wooden plate is one that I got from Keyuca in Tokyo. That store is awesome! I made the napkin a while back.)

Have a sweet day,

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  1. oh my God Lisa… this is the cutest thing i have seen in the past… gorgeous!!! learning to crochet has been on my list for loong… but somehow dont know how and where to begin… any suggestion on what would be a good book to start learning to crochet… would really the appreciate the help!!!


    1. Hi Shalini! My grandma taught me how to crochet when I was little, but she passed away when I was 9. I didn’t do it for a while and got rusty so I hunted for a book too — the best one I found is actually a Klutz book for teens! It’s at Michael’s, or here’s the Amazon link:

      Hope that helps! I love crochet! Sure wish I could knit, tho! :)

  2. Oh Lisa, this is absolutely adorable! It may be your first time to make one but it looks perfect to me and no calories too! Love the cute little face and bead sprinkles! I still can’t crochet so must see if I can find a knitted version like I did for your super cute owlets!

  3. so super cute! she is good enough to eat!! love the sprinkles you added, too! YUM!!! =)

  4. You make me want to learn to crochet!!! that is the CUUUUUUTESSST cupcake EVER!!!! OH MY! Love him! (or her) ;)

  5. Totally cute!!

  6. super cute! what a lucky friend you have!

  7. OMG your crochet cupcake is way too cute!!!

  8. super adorable! you did a fabulous job and your friend is SO lucky!! i have that book too just because the pictures are so adorable! but i can’t crochet a lick! (video tut on the basics lisa? LOL)

    1. thanks so much for your comments! really made me smile :)
      ooooo, good idea on the video! will try to do one soon, but working on photo tutorials next. :)

  9. most certainly good enough to eat… and hug! so cute, love the kawaii face. :)

  10. Oh my gosh, too cute!! Love your placement of the cupcake on the plate and all! :)

  11. Run cupcake run! She’s going to eat you!!! ;-)

    Cute cupcake Lis!

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