I got a typewriter!

I am so happy! I got a typewriter — finally! I’ve been wanting one for years and years, but couldn’t find one, and when I did I was overbid. I made up my mind that I had to have one, and I started stalking ebay and etsy like a fiend! And it paid off, because I finally found the typewriter of my dreams.

I used it yesterday to make a Mother’s Day card for my step-mom — love how it turned out!

And I had to add a little zig zag washi tape (by Trendy Tape, found it at Archiver’s the other day) and twine!

My step-mom is an avid reader, so I made her a matching bookmark too!

Sure hope she likes it!

And I can’t wait to use my typewriter more! Yah! I gotta get better pics, was cloudy and rainy when I took these.

I’ve got more Mother’s Day cards to share too — can’t wait to show you!

27 Replies to “I got a typewriter!”

  1. Congrats on your new toy! It’s a beauty! I absolutely love, love, LOVE vintage typewriters. So much so that my heart lurches a little bit when I see one. I don’t have one myself, but it’s a dream of mine. I might just have to start stalking Ebay and Etsy myself! :o) Love your use of it on the card, and the washi tape as well.

  2. […] had fun using my typewriter on a background that I made in photoshop — something about the old + new appeals to me, ha! […]

  3. I had a ROYAL electric typewriter up until about 15 years ago…and chucked it! Never thought I’d use it for anything except to fill out forms, but I WISH THAT I KEPT IT after seeing your fabby card! I know you’ll be using it TONS! Enjoy!

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