Where to buy washi tape!

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive here on the blog is: “where do you buy washi tape?”  So, I decided to compile a list of my favorite places!

I realize that there are many (many!) awesome places out there that sell washi tape these days — this list is just of the ones that I personally have purchased from and that are still likely to carry washi tape. :)

One quick word on washi tape — I think of washi tape as being different from paper tape, masking tape, tissue tape, or fabric tape. Don’t get me wrong, I love tape in ALL it’s forms! (I am addicted, in fact!) But to me, washi tape is made from Japanese washi paper and has a translucent quality about it (so that you can see  some of what is underneath the tape). It’s also easy to remove and reposition (much like a post-it note).

The principle manufacturer is Kamoi Kakoshi Co who makes mt masking tape. As you are shopping, look for the brand on the inside of the tape roll. Tapes by Kamoi Kakoshi Co will have “mt” or “kamoi” on the inside. Here’s a great story about how they started making washi tape. Another manufacturer to look for is Mark’s.

Okay enough chit-chat, on to the list!

First off, brick and mortar stores (some are also online):

  • Anthropologie — they even have that super cute squirrel washi tape holder in the photo (J got it for me for Christmas, love!)
  • Itoya in Tokyo (the Ginza location) — love this store so much!
  • Paper Source – find it in their shops and online
  • Kinokuniya Stationery and Gift – they are in Japantown in San Francisco — they also have a huge selection of pens from Japan. If you go, check out their bookstore just across the way for Japanese craft books, including books on how to use washi tape.

Online shops:

  • Crafty Japan – Melanie is in Japan and has a HUGE selection of washi tape and other awesome Japanese crafty supplies (including hard to find gocco supplies!). She always has the latest and greatest tapes, and shipping time isn’t that bad either — orders always seem to arrive within a week. :)
  • UGUiSU – ships from Tokyo to all over the world! They always have a great selection and other nifty things from Japan. Once again, shipping times aren’t long.
  • Cute Tape – is based in the US and in addition to tape also has stamps and twine (yah!)
  • Ginko Papers – the very first place I ordered tape from — and I still have some of those first rolls even 5 years later — washi tape seems to last forever! Ginko Papers makes regular trips to Japan to find new and nifty treats for their shop.
  • Lotta Jansdotter – I am a huge Lotta fan and I was over the moon when I found out she has her own line of washi tape. Love.
  • Simon Says Stamp – look for the line of  washi tapes from Sweet Bella as they are mostly kamoi or mt! They also have paper tapes and tissue tapes from scrapbooking companies. Yum.
  • Two Peas in a Bucket – also has washi tape from Sweet Bella and paper tapes/tissue tapes!
  • Studio Calico – search for washi for some awesome tapes. While you are there, check out the “new shop items” and “studio selections” — there’s bound to be something cool.
  • Freckled Fawn – some awesome tapes, plus nifty embellishments too. And I can’t resist their darling deer logo, makes me smile each time I see it. :)

Happy shopping,

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  1. You are evil. Wonderful, but evil.

  2. Great list, Lisa!! Next time I’m up in San Francisco I’m going to check out that store you recommended. And, I’ll admit I didn’t know that tissue tape wasn’t “washi” tape. Thanks for being so informative, too! :)

  3. What a fab collection of Washi Tape – makes for a wonderfully colorful photo, Lisa! Thanks for all the info! Hugs! :)

  4. Thanks so much Lisa! :) Great post….looking forward to seeing your crafty creations in the next few weeks. All the best,


  5. barbara lassiter says:

    I love, love, love the squirrel tape holder. And that looks like Washi tape heaven in your photo. Thanks for sharing some sources with us!

  6. I love love Lotta Jansdotter’s prints, I think hers are made by Mark’s? you have an amazing collection, Lisa! thanks so much for sharing all the links, too. I am in love with that squirrel tape dispenser!! =)

    1. Hi Alice! I just ordered some new Lotta washi tape — with strawberries, so cute! — and I’m going to see who makes it and update the post :)

    1. Hi Lisa, as I said in the post, this list is all of the places I have personally purchased washi tape from. I can’t speak to those places, although I have heard of them. Also, Crafty Japan *is* an etsy shop with a *huge* selection of tape. Thanks and happy washi-ing! :)

  7. Great article on washi Lisa, love craftyjapan’s selection. Thanks for sharing all of your favorites. I definitely have the washi bug too and my local store The Ink Pad in NYC has a great selection of mt tapes! They like to follow me home…

  8. what a beautiful collection you have, Lisa! The squirrel tape dispenser is so CUTE. Thanks for the links on where to buy.

  9. what a fabulous inventory you have! that dispenser is kawaii cuteness! i love washi tape, and would love to visit a factory in Japan! thanks for sharing the story.

  10. Hi Lisa, thanks for the intro article so that I could learn more about what Washi tape is. This is great. You have a beautiful collection. I can’t wait to add some of this to my crafting closet soon!

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  12. Lovely ! Thank you for the great tips, didnt know paper souce, im drooling on their cute stuff!
    I love washi tape, i normally order from etsy, nowadays from http://www.etsy.com/shop/Raquelbcn?section_id=11799642 very good price and fast shippment!

  13. Thanks for mentioning that not all tape is “washi”. Not that I exclude loving any kind of tape!

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  15. Love it -so many options <3

  16. Hi, received some linky love from your site and thought we’d post about our current giveaway too.


  17. I live in Malaysia and there’s a Kinokuniya store in Suria KLCC :) Thanks for the info btw!

  18. Hi, I’ve just opened shop recently and I’m also selling washi tape, including Shinzi Katoh’s new line of washi tape. He’s a famous Japanese zakka artist and has very cute designs. I would love it if you took a look-see! http://www.maigocute.com/collections/washi-tape

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