Washi Thanks!

I have good news to report today: my knee is finally (!) on the mend! Some readers may recall that I had surgery back in August to fix it. The problem was because I tore my ACL twice, and it didn’t heal right. So my kneecap wasn’t tracking correctly and it was rubbing on my lower leg bone (ow).

The surgery helped a ton, but my problems weren’t over because it felt like my leg was breaking in half whenever I put weight on it. (yow!). So last Wednesday I had surgery again, this time to take the screws out — two metal ones over 2 inches long in my shin. It was like instant relief!

I went to have the stitches taken out today and I just had to make a card for the doc and his staff — they have been so great. Of course I didn’t think of it until I was almost heading out the door, so I grabbed my trusty washi tape and put together this quick card:

(Photos taken with my iPhone as Jason was driving me to the doctor’s!)

Love the font, it kind of reminds me of an old computer.

The funniest thing? See the narrow solid tape that is on there? Well, it’s from a set of tape that I bought in Japan on the same trip when I *first* tore my ACL! (I didn’t know it, but there was a typhoon going on and I had a Mary Poppins moment when I went out to go shopping and the wind caught my umbrella and I went airborne for a bit, then my ankle twisted on landing and my knee made this horrible popping sound and hurt like crazy, ha. It was the first day of our 2 week trip, too. But I went ahead shopping and got that tape! ha.)

Resources: Washi tape from various places, got the thank you tape here. Notecard by Fabriano — love them so, they have the most beautiful feel to them. And I love it that the edges go with the torn edges of the tape.

So happy that my knee is better — I feel like doing a happy dance! And now I finally can! :-)

Hope you have a great weekend,

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  1. What a clever card! I know it was appreciated! I’m so glad to hear you are on the mend. I have to admit, I cringed at your descriptions of the injury. I can’t imagine the pain. Take care!

  2. Maybe you should hold off on the dancing for a little bit longer! :) Seriously – I am so happy and relieved to know you are finally in less pain, Lisa! It sure has been a long haul with that knee of yours! Love this fun, cute card you made for the doctor and staff! Hugs to you, and happy dancing! :)

  3. I’m so glad that you are doing better Lisa! It’s been a long haul. The card is adorable!

  4. Glad to hear your news! Love the card!

  5. Wow, Lisa, I didn’t realize you were still having problems with you knee – so glad to hear that you are finally on the mend! Thanks so much for sharing your story with us. Cute card, too!

  6. Kathy Camasso says:

    Hi Lisa, I’m so glad to hear that you’re finally on the mend; wow, almost a year!!! Welcome back; love the card!

  7. Your washi card is stunning, such a great idea. That font is sweet! I hope your knee is fully mended soon. My hubby had severed his patellar tendon December before last & it took so long for him to mend after surgery. They say knee pain is THE worst pain, so kudos to you for being so strong. Sending healing thoughts your way.

  8. barbara lassiter says:

    So glad to hear the good news about your knee. Cute card and blessings to you!

  9. Lisa, so happy to hear that you are finally feeling relief from the pain!! Sending more healing
    thoughts to you!

  10. yay for finally on the mend!! so happy to hear that! and i adore your card. so very delightful and happy, maybe just reflected how you felt? =) love love it and hope you have a beautiful weekend! =)

  11. such wonderful news … so very happy for you! :)

  12. So happy you are feeling better, Lisa! Hugs.

  13. loved your card when i saw it on instagram! are the alphabets stickers? happy to hear you’ll be dancing soon!

    1. Hi Donna glad you likey! Those letters are all part of the tape! So cool! :)

  14. What a gorgeous thing to do, giving your Dr a card and what a gorgeous card it is Lisa, love Washi…so pleased beyond words that you are finally on the mend..big hugs!!

  15. Love the card! Really really nice washi you have got there.

    Looking forward to seeing you in class ;-)

    1. You too ifversen! Just downloaded the first lesson and it looks awesome! Can’t wait to play :)

  16. Lisa, I just shiver at the thoughts of having to have two 2 inch screws removed but I’m so glad to hear that your knee is feeling much better! Yay to being able to do a happy dance again! Your card is cute and fun and I’m sure it was much appreciated!

  17. Oh, Lisa – I am sooooo glad to hear that your darn knee is finally on the real mend. Seriously! What a ride that has been. You are so patient. And such a nice patient to have made these fun cards. I am still trying to get comfortable with washi tape…….I am such a control freak that tearing those edges is very difficult. Take care and best wishes.

  18. Barb Ghigliotty says:

    Hi again ~ I am so, so, so glad you’re feeling better! I hope you will be pain free from now on – I will keep you in my prayers, sweetie!!!
    SP: Love your thank you card for the Dr and staff…I’m sure they appreciated it very much!

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