Watercolor giveaway!

I’m so excited to have a watercolor giveaway! You see, I took a workshop at Case For Making in San Francisco a few weeks ago where we learned to make our own watercolors. So cool! (You can find out more about the workshop and see more photos here.)

Before I even got back home to Texas I ordered some pigment so that I could make more — and so I wouldn’t forget how! I ordered French ochre extra light, one of my all time favorite colors. See that big jar?

Well, so far I’ve made 8 pans of color — yeah! So I thought I’d do a giveaway! To enter the giveaway, head on over to THIS POST on instagram.

Oh and just so ya know, I’m totally new at this! If you’d like to buy one from the pros at CFM you can find it right here. :) I’m not affiliated with them in any away — just love their watercolors — they work like a dream and they have colors I haven’t seen anywhere else. Plus the folks who own the shop and work there are so generous and kind and I love supporting them.

Here’s a sampling of how French ochre extra light mixes with other colors! It’s so pretty and one of my all time faves — and one of the first colors I ever purchased from Case For Making.

If you’re a Daniel Smith person, this color is kinda like buff titanium, only I feel like it’s a little warmer. Love that.

I’ll pick the lucky random winners on Monday, July 31st!

My dream is to someday make watercolors from Texas rocks and such, and then paint a prairie with them. xo

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  1. I really enjoyed your watercolors post, loved the photos! That class had to be so awesome!

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  3. Hey! Just found you on instagram (well, being real- you found me there😄) and I immediately had to come over to this blog! I am from Germany and I do make my own watercolor paints as well!!! Just recently started, but have finished 400 pans already 🤣😆 —>which is crazy, because I don’t sell them! Just my son (7) and me are using them!!!😜 Anyways, he loves collecting stones and giving little presents to mommy (me), especially the combination of these 2. Sometimes I find „rocks“ in his trousers‘ pockets before they hit the laundry (sometimes I don‘t🙄). So I EVER wanted to make colors from stones since I started on making paints! I‘ll be following your progression here and on instagram and I am so happy to read and see more from you!!! Btw, I‘ve been to Texas…well, more than half of my life ago… LOVE THE COUNTRY!!! (t.z.h1 on Instagram)

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