Ellen Hutson Design Ambassador Blog Hop!

Hey there and welcome to my stop on the Ellen Hutson Design Ambassador team hop! I’m so excited and honored to be on the team with these amazing women. If you’ve been hopping along with us already you’ll have arrived here via my friend — and fellow Lisa — Lisa Adametz’s blog.

Cannot wait to see what everyone’s made — even though I’ve been making cards for a while now I always love seeing what others do with the same supplies and picking up new tips and tricks.

My favorite tip at the moment is to use an old plate for a palette. I found these recently at a thrift shop in Joshua Tree, CA — my eyes lit up as soon as I saw ’em!

White plates — the best for being able to see the colors of your paints! Arch like a rainbow! 49 cents!!?! Yes, please. And they were hand decorated in St. Petersburg, Russia — wonder how they made it all the way out to Joshua Tree?

Sending Sunshine

Now on to my card! As soon as I heard about the blog hop I just knew what stamps I wanted to use — the All Inside set and matching dies by Julie! Ahhhh I just love that little bear so much!

Then when I was talking to my Dad he sounded glum because they’ve been getting a ton of rain where he lives in Ohio — he’s been talking about building an ark ha! — so of course I had to make him a card to cheer him up! Here it is:

This guy came together so fast! Let me walk you through it. Everything is on Canson XL paper including the base card. This paper is great because it’s not super expensive yet it still holds watercolor really well.

I started out by making a background with a combination of Daniel Smith kyanite genuine and indigo. Oh man, that kyanite!

Kyanite is one of those colors made from genuine rocks and minerals so it’s granulating. That’s not all — in the sunlight it’s all shimmery and sparkly! Ahhhh! I made the background on a separate piece of paper and then trimmed it down afterwards so that I wouldn’t have to worry about ruining the base card. :)

Then I watercolored the sun and the sentiment with Daniel Smith hansa yellow medium, pyrrol scarlet, and new gamboge. These colors all work great together and I mixed things up by coloring with the hansa yellow medium first and then dropping in touches of the pyrrol scarlet and new gamboge.

While I had my supplies out I made a few more suns to use as confetti — ha!!!

I’m gonna put the lil suns and that Pretty Pink Posh gold confetti in the card so that it’ll all fly out when my Dad opens the card — although, most of my friends are on to my confetti ways so I bet he doesn’t fall for it. :)

Three Things

We’ve been asked to answer 3 silly questions — so here goes…!

  1. Coffee or tea? Both! Hahaha! I make pour over coffee in the morning and then I have a cup of chamomile before bedtime. :) I’m always on the lookout for good local coffee beans — do you have any to recommend? I’d love to hear! Current faves are Greater Goods CoffeeBig Bend Coffee Roasters and Joshua Tree Coffee Company.
  2. How did you come up with your blog name? Weeeelll, my blog is called “sideoats & scribbles” because I’m a huge prairie nut and sideoats is the state grass of Texas where I live, and then I scribble on about so many things here — cards, watercolors, sketchbooks and more.
  3. Tell us one silly/random/interesting tidbit about yourself! Breakfast is my favorite meal — I could eat “breakfast” food all day! Especially breakfast tacos. Yum.

Hop On

Your next stop on the hop is Lydia Evans‘ blog — I can’t wait to see what she’s made! Here’s the full list in case you encounter any broken links or are just now joining us:

Lisa Spangler <— you are here :)

Thanks so much to all of you for joining me and to Ellen Hutson to ask me to be on the team! Still pinching myself that this is happening. xo


Note: if you make a purchase by using a link from the item below I’ll receive a small commission at no charge to you! :)


35 Replies to “Ellen Hutson Design Ambassador Blog Hop!”

  1. Oh yum! I love all day breakfast too! Those plates are amazing, I would be using them as plates not palettes, I think! So graphic and fun! So happy to be on this amazing team with you, Lisa!

  2. Lisa I am missing you having your way with Oats! Fabulous style, gorgeous find with those plates! LOve your stormy sky, and can’t wait to get to know you better!
    oh btw… I still love to grind my own Eight O’clock – old school, I know!

  3. Gorgeous! I love all that shimmer! Happy to be on the EH team with yoU!

  4. HAHAHA! HI Lisa! So happy to be on the same team as you!

  5. Your background is just *fabulous.* Perfection. I love your tips, too! Breakfast food is my favorite, as well. So thrilled to be on the Ellen Hutson team with you!

  6. Such a sweet encouragement card and I love the idea of putting suns and confetti inside for a little surprise!

  7. Great background for that cute bear!

  8. joy meadows says:

    I could eat breakfast all day, too, Lisa! Love the plates you use for your palette. Cute card!

  9. I’m with you on the breakfast tacos, Lisa, especially those we’ve had in Austin! Love your sweet bear card today, and so pleased that you’re on the team – congrats!!

  10. Virginia L. says:

    You are too cute, Lisa! I am glad that you are on the new EH team…that means we get to see your awesomeness more often! I am with you about the coffee (morning only) AND tea (by night)! Your card today is absolutely LOVELY in every way!

  11. Dee Earnshaw says:

    what a lovely and FUN card -= thanks for the ideas:)

  12. Yes, don’t you love Mr. Bear? :) He’s one of my favs, too! I love the awesome watercolor background you created for him — I’m sure your Dad will love it! So happy to finally be on a design team with one of my favorite fellow Texan artists!

  13. Ah, a thoughtful daughter…and your card is awesome! Blue is my favorite color and now I know I want to get that bear stamp. Thank you very much. PS. I’m right above you in Norman, Ok.

  14. I love your plates. Your card is so fun. It’s so funny that I thought your blog name “sideoats” comes from your love for oatmeals because you always post some healthy yummy oatmeals breakfast/lunch photos.
    What a fool I am. Ha ha…..

  15. Hey Lisa! Oh my gosh, I had no idea watercolors could be so glamorous!! They sparkle?! Or you’re just a magician 😂 love your card, and the idea behind it. So thrilled to be on a team with you!!

  16. Sharon Perehudoff says:

    Your card is fun and cute, those plates are awesome, thank you for sharing and the ideas as well.

  17. Lisa, I am in LOVE with this card. As someone who lives in a perpetually dark/grey part of the country in winter, the black/grey background behind the bear is awesome. I wouldn’t have thought to make that design choice, but it’s perfect. I just may have to borrow (aka: steal) the idea sometime, wink! Looking forward to being on the team with you in 2018!

  18. renee milner says:

    Congrats on making the EH team! I enjoyed reading your post, and your card is adorable! I’m in Texas too (DFW) and I feel like your Dad with the rain, although we finally had a gorgeous day today. I love coffee and have been enjoying a Guatemalan coffee you buy by the pound at Sprouts.

  19. barbara lassiter says:

    Your card is so cute and your Dad is sure to love it. I force myself to eat breakfast, because I’m not hungry when I first get up. I do love breakfast foods and we often have them for lunch or dinner. My husband doesn’t care, because if he has a bowl of corn flakes and toast and jam for breakfast, he’s good to go! This is a fun blog hop and I will look for you on The Classroom now! :)

  20. LISAAAAAA!!! ♥ I just love how you use the Daniel Smith watercolors! You make them come alive in a way that makes me so happy. That Kyanite is magical. Pretty sure you’ve enabled me. Not as though that’s a bad thing. :) Thrilled to bits that we’re on the EH Team together, my friend. ♥

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