It’s almost PSL season!

I can’t believe it’s almost September, can you? Weeeeelll, we had a break in the weather and it’s “only” 98 F — to this Texas gal that means fall, y’all!

And THAT means it’s almost pumpkin spice latte season! Say it with me: PSL! PSL! PSL!

So of course I had to whip up a card for my lil sis!

She and I have a running joke about PSL’s — she loves ’em and me — while I wouldn’t say I hate them, let’s just say that one per year is enough for me lol!

I actually thought up this card while I was on my walk today — and then when I came back home it came together super quick!

Here are the stamps I used:

Oh and in case you were wondering, here are the watercolors I used on the girl — colored to look like my sis! I listed both sizes of the tubes below for ya!

Here are the full supplies that I used!


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Happy fall, y’all! xoxo